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Myungdong Kalkuksu (8194 Bayview Ave., Markham) - recommend its "Myungdong king size dumpling", "soup with dumpling and rice cake", and kimchi

chutchut Jul 15, 2012 02:48 PM

This is very clean and cozy Korean traditional food place. I only go there for its "Myungdong king size dumpling", "soup with dumpling and rice cake", and kimchi for quick eat. Its steamed Myungdong dumpling is the best dumpling that I've ever had at a GTA restaurant. The dumplings at other restaurants are far from the dumplings that your mom/grandma cook at home. However, you get the homey flavor and quality from Myungdong dumplings - the vegetables in the filling is chunky and fresh. All their dumplings are cooked daily. Though the price is higher ($8.99 for 6 king size dumplings - 1 is about the 3 regular dumplings), it's worth it. Soup with dumpling and rice cake contains delicious soup, 3 Myungdong king size dumpling, and lots of sliced rice cake. It's also $8.99. They only offer the cabbage kimchi. However, it's the best kimchi that I've had so far - very fresh and lots of garlic, and you can ask for more. Their noodles are also good. However, the noodle doesn't have much vegetable or meat in it, almost just plain noodle. I wouldn't recommend other items on its menu. You could get the same stuff for better price at Sariwon.

BTW - Myungdong Kalkuksu is beside the newly opened Menchie's.