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Jul 15, 2012 01:22 PM

Best Napa/Sonoma Wine Clubs?

I was searching for a related thread, and found one from 2003ish. Would love to hear updated opinions from folks who have a wine club favorite from the Napa/Sonoma area: what were related costs, why did/do you like your wine club (were the selections good), were their event offerings worth attending?

I'm by no means a wine connoisseur, but I'm learning, and love trying new wines. I recently signed up for the Roche wine club in Sonoma because it seems to be a decent value (, and was apparently voted "best wine club" though by who, I dunno;) Since signing up I've been researching more wine clubs and I'm hoping someone on chowhound who is more in the know could enlighten me!


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  1. Do you also want to be part of a wine club that holds lots of events? Or just get a decent discount on wines you really love? Are you only interested in small shipments or are you OK if the minimum is half a case 3 times a year?

    I would caution on joining too many clubs until you have a real sense of what you like. The wine coming in can be overwhelming and stack up quickly, preventing the acquisition of new and different wines. It's a great, guaranteed revenue for the wineries but there isn't always a lot of upside potential for the consumer (even more biased in the wineries favor are futures).

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      Thanks--- to clarify I only want to join one wine club and try it out for the year. Priority is to receive good quality wines and to expand my palate. I suppose down the line would be happy just getting discounts on the wines I want. But I'm curious about some of the events wineries host. Some will be an added cost, others are free. Not sure if I should look at events as an added perk worth considering. I would assume some wineries throw really nice events, others are not worth it.

      Re: shipments, I don't think I could drink that much wine in a year. Noticed that some will ship up to 3 bottles six times a year which does seem a bit overwhelming. The one I just signed up for is about once a quarter (2-3 bottles), with the option of missing one quarter.

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        Ridge has a variety of wine clubs and good variety in types (zins, syrah blends, petite sirah, cabs)- makes excellent wine, though the wine is much better with a few years of age on it; rarely drink it now wines. They have a few events, but they're not a huge event-centric type club.