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Jul 15, 2012 12:36 PM

Gluten free Vegas

Anyone have tips at all....we are staying at Vdara 8/22-24, looking to book e
encore for the weekend after....anyone have tips for restaurants. I obviously want to try all the places peeps love...sage raku bouchon, but can I eat there?

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  1. Can the crickets get any louder....better head over to an allergy website. I'm sad, cut I still love great food! They all don't get it.

    1. I would be shocked if these big restaurants can't help you -- gluten-free dishes are a common request now. I do know that Lotus of Siam is happy to comply with this request, as a Chowhound wrote to me off-list and I checked with Bank, the then GM, about this.

      1. I know that the Paris restaurant has a gluten free menu (I have a friend with celiac who eats there) but that's as much help as I can give you.

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          Which restaurant at Paris? There are several restaurants at Paris.

          1. re: Eric

            Mon Ami Gabi has a G-F menu. That's probably what they meant.
            It's always been a solid choice for me - I would recommend it.

        2. My wife avoided gluten during breakfast and lunch without a problem. Everyone had decent menus.

          La Cave at wynn was a great standby lunch
          Tableau had really really good gluten free toast (so my wife claims). Bouchon's gluten free offerring wasn't as good.

          Gluten free wasn't a problem at Sage. e she went whole hog gluten. Same with Robuchon. Raku is mostly gluten free by its very nature.

          1. Probably too late, but the Wynn Resorts now carry gluten free breads from a dedicated GF bakery in Vegas.