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Jul 15, 2012 12:30 PM

Conte's Closed?

A reviewer on another site said Conte's (Rockland ME) is now closed!

What's up with the old fishmonger? No way.

**** UPDATE! The reviewer from that "other site" went to the OLD harbor location and hopped online and gave Conte's a 1 star "it's closed"! I communicated that Conte's is just as cranky as ever up on S.Main St.
On other news, the sky will be falling.

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  1. What is the site? I can't find it on any of the usual suspects.

    And why do people give a 1 star review of a place that's supposedly closed?

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    1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

      Yelp. The review is probably gone by this morning because communicated with the reviewer.
      They just didn't know John moved the seafood palace.