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Jul 15, 2012 11:45 AM

A Last Hurrah

Hi folks

I have been absent from the board for some time, sorry - sort of had twins, which has kept me kinda busy and not really in the market for much dining out!

To add to that, we've been job and house a-hunting and are about to move to Cheshire (Harters, as resident expert, I'm going to do a separate post on a 'starter kit' list for the locale, do hope you will respond!)

So, my lovely bloke has said, given the London foodie scene will be one of the aspects I'll miss the most, that we can have a Last Supper, anywhere of my choosing, without budget being a consideration.

If it were a special memories place, then that would be Trinity, Mien Tay or Terroirs, in all of which we have spent happy times. But I feel it should be somewhere we haven't gone, as a sort of celebration...

Have done Gavroche, Ledbury, Launceston Place, Roganic, Viajante, Pollen St Social, Goodman, Hawksmoor, Yauatcha, Hakkasan...lucky me.

So...Dabbous? Marcus Wareing? The Square? Reviews of Hedone suggest it might be a bit, well, not quite me. Or are there places which are just brilliant and romantic and enough to fill my foodie memories for a while further down the scale? Unfortunately, with 4 month olds, we're working to a deadline so can't go to any of the new no reservation places, more's the pity, as would have really liked to try Pizarro.

Thoughts gratefully received!

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  1. Min Jiang; preorder a beijing-styled roast duck and reserve a table by the window.

    Congrats and all the best!

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    1. re: limster

      DH and I were looking for a special place for dinner on Saturday. Just booked the duck and window table. Thanks for the tip!

      1. re: pikawicca

        You'll love it. We had a fab time there. Stunning room and view. Arrive early for a cocktail at the bar. In the evening they do a dim sum selection as a starter - I particularly remember a pumpkin dumpling which was just gorgeous. I don't know if you've looked at the menu yet but for the duck you get the first serving with pancakes et al, and then you can also choose for the remainder to be served in a duck rice/noodles/soup. We had the noodles and they were most pleasant!

    2. Ready and waiting for the thread, Helen.

      Look forward to welcoming you to the county. And congratulations on the two extra b's.


      1. River Cafe, Apsley's, Alyn Williams at the Westbury.......

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        1. re: PhilD

          Have heard mixed opinions of Apsley's from friends; wondering if its a dish to dish issue. How was your experience there -- what dishes did you like?

        2. congratulations Helen

          i don't think it's particularly romantic but i really love Zucca's food and think you should try that before departing, if you haven't already! much better than River Cafe imo.

          what about Helene Darroze? it's a while since i've been but the setting is sumptuous and you'd be well looked after. i've not been to Marcus Wareing recently enough to comment on him.

          Texture is lovely if you prefer lighter foods and they have a wonderful range of champagnes.

          a final thought is Petersham Nurseries - I like the setting, including the walk along the river to get there, but am unsure what the food is like since Skye Gyngell left; i would like to try Greg Malouf's cooking though.

          eta: i also agree with the Alyn Williams suggestion.

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          1. re: abby d

            Oo, food for thought already, thanks.

            Limster, we did the whole Min Jiang duck thing for my son's 18th (yes, I have an 18 year old AND neweborn twins, such is life's rich tapestry...) and it was great.

            Zucca's a good idea, as is Alyn Williams as that opening had passed me by. Have heard good things about Darroze too.


            1. re: helen b

              Glad you've been to Min Jiang. Vaguely remember Howler praising Darroze a while ago.

          2. I'd go to Marcus Wareing personally. Perfect venue for that sort of special sendoff supper particularly if you've never been.

            Congratulations as well.