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Jul 15, 2012 11:08 AM

Help identify these Griswolds?

Hey everyone,

I just bought 3 Griswolds for $20 at a flea market. I was hoping that someone could tell me how old they are/if they are duplicates. I made sure to buy the lighter ones. I'm in the process of sanding them down with 80 grit sandpaper and then reseasoning them.

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  1. Have been a cast iron NUT since being reunited with it's WONDERFUL properties a few years ago. EVERYTHING I have has come from a flea market, yard sale or thrift store. Always stick with "name" pieces like Lodge and Griswold. REALLY have to restrain my self from getting dupes.

    Found a Griswold dupe (size) of a Lodge that I can revived. Like how Griswold is often lighter and smoother. It was in good shape but had the expected extra gunky from previous owners. IF you have a self-cleaning oven and the weather/temp is agreeable... THAT is a great way to clean up CI. First finids I made... used MANY application of oven cleaner (heresy too many) before liberally reseasoning. I always tell people that the key to getting the most outta CI is to USE IT, USE IT, USE IT!!

    Pretty sure there's a Griswold site out there where you can find out if they're "duplicates"... reproductions??

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      I dont have a self-cleaning oven so I sprayed it with a lot of Easy-Off Oven Cleaner and left them in a bag, took them out and scrubbed them down and then dried them in the oven. Geez, these things sure rust quickly. There was a bit of orange rust when they completely dried (there wasn't before I used Easy -Off as I sanded off all the rust). I don't think they were in water for more than 10 minutes, is this a sure sign of a dupe? Anyway, they're in the bag right now and have been laying in oven cleaner for about 9 hours now. I'm about to go scrub them down again. I'll do them individually this time to see if that does anything about the rust issue.

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        If ya still have some rust, avoid soap... I use cheap-o table salt and a scrubber, with lots of HOT water. Then back on stove top till HOT and a dab of bacon grease... that's what my grandmother always used. Wipe out excess with paper towel... wipe on OUTSIDE of pans, too.

    2. I have collected over 30 pieces, all from flea markets/auctions,ect. I wouldn't use any chemicals, metal is porous. If no self-cleaning oven available, turn it up HIGH, it'll take a little longer. Do not open the door !! Let cool for a few hours. Wash with a green scrubbie, warm water and elbow grease and nothing else till the water runs clear. I season with bacon fat, NEVER with vegetable oil. I will then fry bacon once or twice, throwing it away each time. With proper use and storage, these pans will last indefinitely.