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Jul 15, 2012 09:49 AM

Authentic Sushi!!

So having tried a few places in the area (Livingston, Montclair), I am completely unimpressed with the level of quality, and service frankly!

Therefore...can anyone recommend a sushi restaurant that is authentic??!!! Sushi that's not served on grapefruit size balls of rice, and sashimi that doesn't give me the sensation that I've just bitten my tongue!

We use to go to Masa in Allendale and I was totally in love! But alas, Masa is a little too far now for a weeknight meal.

So Montclair, Morristown, Madison, etc. area - authentic, incredible, delicious sushi, and fresh! Price is not an object in the case...

Thank you!!

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  1. Ha! That grapefruit sized ball of rice and tongue-like sashimi is really disgusting but an apt description of a lot of what's out there. I look forward to hearing the responses to this since I'm up in that neck of the woods from time to time.

    Not in the area at all but my favorites for authenticity are:
    Jo-Sho in Somerset
    Shumi in Somerville
    Ajijei in Princeton
    Sushi by Kazi in Howell

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    1. re: taste test

      Ah, someone who understands! lol :)

      Thanks for the list - I use to live down near those areas...unfortunately not really around there anymore, but at least I have some options if I'm ever in that area!

      And yes, any additional responses would be great!

      1. re: lovessushi

        it's not exactly sushi since there in no rice but I think the most economic way to bring a cooler and buy sashimi from Mitsuwa and enjoy it at home.

        1. re: yCf

          It's funny you say that yCf! I work in that area, and am always bringing home something from Mitsuwa. The sashimi there is great! And the prepared food section can be quite nice as well. Thanks for the tip though :)

          1. re: lovessushi

            Bumping this... No-one has any thoughts about authentic sushi in Morris/Essex? Maybe there really are no good places...

            1. re: lovessushi

              If your idea of an authentic sushi restaurant means that it's Japanese owned and operated; the Itamae offers an omakase option; there's a varied menu with items like uni, ankimo, otoro, ama ebi, etc; and there are no crunchy, spicy, mayo, never-seen-in-Japan rolls. I have yet to find one in NJ. Please let me know if you have more success.

              I've heard decent things about Masa Sushi in Allendale, but I haven't ever been there myself.

              1. re: creamfinger

                That's exactly what I meant, yes...thanks for your reply.

                The search continues.

                Masa Sushi in Allendale is amazing. We use to live closer to there and still head there when we want what you've described above. It is not inexpensive, but not over the top. Sushi is delicious, fresh, and beautifully prepared and served. Absolutely 5 stars. You should try it!

                1. re: lovessushi

                  Based on your endorsement, I will put aside a few pennies and try it.

                  1. re: creamfinger

                    Great! Hope you enjoy - Let me know how it turns out-

                    1. re: lovessushi

                      Bumping one last time - no-one has any suggestions in either of these counties? There must be one place...there must be... :)

                        1. re: MarlboroMan

                          I'll weigh in on Nikko, in Whippany. I've been there a number of times and aside from the occaisional inconsistancy in quality, I would absolutely recommend it. I would describe Nikko as a bit of hybrid Japanese restaurant. They serve all the rolls with with the silly names and the spicy, crunchy, mayo and avocado, but they also offer some of the more exotic sushi and sashimi that you don't normally see at most other Japanese restaurants in the area. If you can, try and sit at the sushi bar.

                          1. re: creamfinger

                            Interesting! Thank you both! These look like great options we will definitely try this month - will definitely report back!