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Jun 24, 2004 05:18 PM

Fresno dining

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Hi! I will be in Fresno on July 21 with a group of about 11 active senior women who like to eat out. Does anyone have suggestions of a great place to eat for LUNCH (reasonable price)? Preferably a place somewhat near to the Underground Gardens. We'd like to stay away from the chains...its always nice to go somewhere different. Thanks,

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  1. What type(s) of food are you looking for? If your group is adventurous Bombay Cuisine, 3333 W. Shaw, 559-226-0333
    has excellent Indian food, a buffet table one side all vegetarian the other with meat dishes, or you can order off the menu. It's a little over a mile and a half east of the UG.

    It's mostly chains in that area of W. Shaw. There is a Plaza Ventana mexican restaurant, 3173 W. Shaw, 228-8073. At this point you're about 2 miles east, at the NW corner of Marks and Shaw there is Giulia's (Italian, not cheap), Edo-Ya (Japanese), Captain John's Seafood both mid-range.

    There is another Mexican place closer to the gardens whose name escapes me at the moment. Will try to think of some others and post when I return next week.

    1. Well, it's pretty much chain-food dining over there. You'll need to head East on Shaw Ave into town to improve your food quality.

      You say they like to eat out and are looking for a great lunch, but then you put in that bit about "reasonable price" Hmmmm.

      Well, my suggestion for a group that likes to eat out and wants a great lunch would be Ripe Tomato (call for reservations)at the corner of Palm and Shaw in Fresno's nicest shopping area, Fig Garden Village. It certainly isn't in the Captain John's Seafood price range, but I think it's worth it. Also at FGV is Elbow Room, which is cheaper and can be good.