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ISO Greek Gods organic yogurt (or other recs)

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My local Superstore has stocked this yogurt for the past few years, but in the past months they haven't had it. I asked and they said production difficulties were making it hard to get. Now they don't even have the space for it on their shelves and they said they weren't getting it in the foreseeable future. I don't believe their story about production difficulties because they previously told us the honey flavour was discontinued, which was a lie, plus I checked the product website and it didn't mention anything.

Has anybody seen this yogurt for sale anywhere else? Or can anybody recommend me another good quality organic Greek yogurt?

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  1. I've seen it regularly at the Sweet Potatoe (Dundas W and Pacific area)

    1. Pretty steady supply at Whole Foods with four flavours (honey, regular, honey vanilla, strawberry). Usually $5.99 per tub but on sale until July 31 for $4.99.

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