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Jul 15, 2012 06:58 AM

Beijing Noodles Cafe: Excellent hand-pulled noodles in Las Vegas

I loved my meal here. For $7 you get a bowl of gourmet food. You can't beat that.
For my meal at Beijing Noodle Cafe I got a bowl of lanzhou noodles and vegetable pancakes.
The vegetable pancakes turned out to be mostly chives and they were delicious. The chives were fresh and had intense flavor. The dough was nicely cooked. It was clearly freshly made. I've had this dish at better dim sum places. I would definitely get it again.
The noodles were fantastic. Really tasty. I've had hand-pulled noodles at Ark Cafe in Alameda. It's hard to say whose soup is better, because they're different. But the Beijing Noodle Cafe gives you about twice as many hand-pulled noodles as you get at Ark.
The lanzhou noodles broth is also mildly spicy. It has a dark smokey flavor that I liked also. This is on my list of places to eat in Las Vegas.
They also brought me pork wontons in chili oil to try, too. This also tasted very good and I would recommend it to others.
Service was excellent.
It's on the east side of Las Vegas in a mall. You might say the Far East side.
Beijing Noodles Cafe
4130 S Sandhill Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 641-0666
Of course, Yimster from the San Francisco board will be by to check it out. He can give the official evaluation instead of something from a gweilo like me.
By the way, some online reviews mention that they do hand-pulled noodle displays for customers. I asked about this and they said they no longer do this.

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  1. Thanks for this lead Steve. When today and try the food and order two of the dishes you did because they are a good examples of the chef's skill.

    Disappointed that hand pulled were not available but the server offer 'rolled" noodles. There are many way Chinese make the noodles with the use of the machine. I believe that this noodle is hand rolled and then cut.

    Had the Wonton in chili sauce. Found the wonton cooked just right and the chili sauce was not over seasoned so that I could really taste the freshest of the pork and the person who the wonton was able to have the "goldfish" tail. Which if my Father was alive would be impressed that was the way my Mother made them for him. For me liked more filling and less style.

    I had this noodle lanzhou noodles in medium spice broth. Steve is right there is more noodles than Ark but the broth was less flavorful at that broth. I could see by the sizing (not all the same size) they were hand cut.

    Lastly we had the Chow Mien with Beef (I though I order chicken but I guess not). The texture was as god as I remember when I had them in China. The only thing was that the noodles in China was less uniform in size. The cut there was a rough cut. But I love this place.

    Now here some information on the Chef. He is from Dong Bei in China. This area where noodles and dumpling are King.

    I will need to check out this place again on my next trip.

    I like to thank Steve for this lead. You do not give your self enough credit you know the real thing. Lastly our server speak good enough English to serve non Chinese speakers. I return again on my next trip.

    Tonight I will again follow Steve lead, LOS

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    1. re: yimster

      Always love to hear your Vegas reports, Yimster -- thanks.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Just got back to the hotel from LOS. More on that later. We missed you there, but next time you have to join us at the noodle place.

        1. re: yimster

          My wife and I shared a light lunch there last October and here are my notes and photos:

          This is a small husband/wife operated restaurant where the wife serves as manager and waitress while the husband and his 2 apprentices make the same hand drawn noodles as at the highly (expensive) regarded Beijing Noodle No. 9 in Caesars. We started with an order of vegetable spring rolls that were light and flavorful. We also shared a bowl of Lan Zhou noodle soup which was delicious, but a bit too spicy for my wife.

      2. re: yimster

        I had several great lunches there last summer thanks to Mr. QAW.
        Glad to hear the cafe is doing good. Hope to visit again in a near future.

      3. Steve this my latest update on Bei Jing Noodles. This time with Janetofreno and Dave Feldman in tow.

        I ordered the following

        Chili Won Ton again we found it again to be as good as before.

        Beef Pot Stickers, the the filling was just OK but the cooking method was outstanding

        Again the we had two type of knife cooked just right.

        We had two bowls of noodles the outstanding one was Dan Dan noodles as good as any I had anywhere even China itself.

        The Red Braised Noodle was a little disappointing. The broth was weaker and favor was not to stuff

        We order a stir fry dish which I do not recall since it not that great.

        I did talk with the Manager and learned the following. The owner and chef works at a major hotel and is training the chef here. He is learning the noodles and things and is getting better.

        I hope to return soon and try more things.

        A meal that was only topped by the company.

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        1. re: yimster

          Gotta second the rave about the Dan Dan noodles. I'm still thinking up excuses to travel to that part of town to try some more!! Its a good 25 miles from my house, but I would happily accept any lunch invitation that included those noodles....

          1. re: janetofreno

            I have something to look forward to trying on my next trip to Las Vegas.
            There's a Taiwanese restaurant in Reno I like but their version of Dan Dan noodles is probably the worst I've ever had.

            1. re: janetofreno

              What only 25 miles, I had to drive over 450 miles or good food. I will be back to check out more items on the menu. But I will stick to pasta basic dishes. I have been less then impressed with the stir fry dishes.

          2. If you appreciate fresh hand-made noodles, also check out Japanese soba/udon at I-naba off-strip on Decatur (3 blocks west).

            1. Under new management, different concept (though still marginally "Chinese"), and no particular reason for Chowhounds to keep it in their address books. Sad to see this happen; those noodles were a treat. But it also raises the question as to whether they ever had much of a chance in that location.

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              1. re: QAW

                That is sad. I know that the owner chef works somewhere else and was training someone at this location. I will miss this place

                1. re: QAW

                  Very sad. Good food and nice people.