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Jul 15, 2012 06:54 AM

Lunch between Newburgh and Albany

I am traveling from Philadelphia area(actually Cherry Hill NJ) to Ludlow Vt this coming weekend. It a 6 hour drive so I would like to stop for lunch in the Newburgh to Albany NY area. It about 3 hours into the trip so I will be ready for lunch. Any suggestions-not to far off I87.



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  1. chowdaddy, see if any of these threads help:

    Best Food options off of I-87 btwn NY and Montreal:

    I-87 from NYC to Lake George:

    Lunch spot btwn JFK and Kingston:

    A Newburgh thread from last summer (hopefully the restaurants are still in business and good):

    1. Check out this recent thread, where I recommended a restaurant by the name of Back Yard Bistro in Montgomery, which is a few miles west of Newburgh. The person who went agreed with my recommendation. It's not quite as convenient for you since you're not taking I-84, but you might consider it worth the detour. It's a really great place with very inventive (and tasty) food.

      You don't say what day you are going. They are closed Sunday, so if you're traveling then, it will not be an option.