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Jul 15, 2012 06:36 AM

Nice birthday dinner in Troy?

We're coming to Troy from Toronto. Its my dad's 69th birthday and I'd like to take him out for dinner. There will likely be a 3 and 7 year old with us.

Is here anything you suggest that wouldn't be too upscale but that would be child tolerant and still very good?

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  1. Any particular style of food? Are you looking for steak, seafood, Italian, etc.? Are you willing to travel a few miles maybe to Birmingham or Rochester?

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    1. re: grouper

      Minimal travel, unfortunately, due to their being kids. So depends if its a 1- min drive vs a 30 min drive.

      Style doesn't matter. Out of your 3 styles, I'd say that Italian is probably the safest. Anything ethnic is great

      1. re: atomeyes

        I think Picano's Italian is your best bet, if you like standard dishes done with subtle excellence, in a (multi-generation) family friendly atmosphere. It's old school midwestern (USA) Italian American food near its highest potential. La Marsa Middle Eastern would be second, and after that would be good chain restaurants such as McCormick & Schmick seafood, or Maggiano's Italian. Oh, and on the border of Troy and Clawson is the adorable Due Venti. Google these places and then let us know your impressions/questions. There also are several upscale corp steakhouses, but I get mine at home...

        1. re: VTB

          Foodie friends with trustworthy palates have cautioned that Due Venti''s summer menu has odd flavor pairings. It pains me to post this ... I have been meaning to visit to confirm their rpt.

    2. Recipes ... In Troy
      Maria's ... in West Bloomfield
      Maggiano's ... In Troy (gawd I hate mentioning chain food.
      Northern Lakes ... In Birmingham


      Allegro ... In West Bloomfield (Russian, eastern European)
      Le Chef ... In Farmington Hills (Middle Eastern)