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Jul 15, 2012 12:28 AM

one dinner in whistler-good food and beer


Will be in whistler for one night, a Monday, at end of July and was hoping for a place with good food and local, ie BC, beer, is this doable? Am staying in whistler village but do have a car, although won't them be able to sample as much beer as would like

Thanks in

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  1. I can't help with Whistler but I noticed on the Portland board that you're going to be in Vancouver too and was wondering where you are planning on dining. Your trip sounds great!

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    1. re: grayelf

      Hey gray!

      Have been enjoying your posts on Vancouver and Portland over the last few months (not stalking I promise!). Can't wait for our trip to start, next week, PEI, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Coast, Russian/River/Sonoma/Napa, SF (inc Monterey). Vancouver wise (I know off subject and happy to move if required) am booked in to Querca for early Friday feed, all they had available already, then looking to a few oyster places in town before settling in at Alibi on the saturday (possible lunch at Darbys in Kits s doing bbq/beer tasting thing), then Sunday dim sum hopefully and maybe l'abbatoir in the evening. Any thoughts most welcome (eds please move if want too)

      1. re: stanleyk

        You're on topic for Vancouver here! If you've been reading my posts (thanks for the compliment) then none of this will be new but here's my list of fave places right now:

        Alvin Garden (Hunan, pork heart!), Anatolia's Gate (Turkish, awesome baked lavash and pides), Crystal Mall (Burnaby Asian food court), Good Choice (dimsum, certain items are very good), Pinpin (Filipino, just the sisig and the crispy pata), Meat and Bread (porchetta sando, go to the Gastown one), Zakkushi (for Japanese things on sticks, I like the 4th Ave one), 9 Dishes (for water boiled fish and [lack of] ambiance), Argo Cafe (if they have the duck confit on the menu posted at 11 am each weekday, $12.50!), a banh mi from Ba Le on Kingsway, Kalvin's (Sichuan/Taiwanese mashup, resos mandatory), Bee Kim Heng (this is a store that sells very good beef jerky), Green Lemon Grass (Vietnamese $5 breaky dishes, before 11 am, bot chien is great), My Chau (Vietnamese chicken pho, really excellent, closes early, no Sundays), Song Huong (Viet again, seven courses of beef), Lin's (only get the XLB and maybe the rice hot pot, but get the XLB!), Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (a Japanese chain, yes, but they have toroniku, which you must have before you die), Miko Sushi (expensive but topnotch old school sushi place, casual and perfect for a single diner lunch or dinner, only order a la carte), La Buca (much prefer this to La Quercia FWIW) Sweet Obsessions (just for the lemon dacquoise dessert), Ajisai (another somewhat pricey sushi bar that would be great for a single diner, just go early re no resos and sit at the bar), Tokyo Thyme (casual sushi, traditional ingredients used in modern ways, avoid cooked food), HK BBQ Masters (the best Chinese BBQ I've tried yet, you can dine in on a very limited menu or take it to go), Richmond Public Market/President's Plaza/Lansdowne etc (Asian food courts, do a tour and pick the top items, need a car for this), Red Wagon (for the pork belly and the pulled pork pancakes if you're feeling naughty).

        Will be interested to hear what you think of La Quercia, which is indeed a tough reso. Be sure to tell your DC to bring a fan as their HVAC leaves a lot to be desired. Alibi is fun for the beers but I'd pass on the food. Also not so sure about the grub at Darby's, used to be decentish but new chef is unproven. I'm excited for Dynasty dimsum this Sat as I've been hearing much good about it from trusted Hounds. Do be sure to get a reso wherever you go for dim sum on a Sunday. Don't miss the steelhead salad at L'abbattoir!

        1. re: grayelf

          That is amazing, thank you very much, making me wish I had much longer ni Vancouver now, alas three nights just doesn't seem enough, particularly as Air Canada made me arrive later than planned.

          La Quercia was opted for as close to where we are staying, as was Darbys suggested, after 8 hours flying in from PEI an early dinner and a beer or two should be plenty.

          Noted on Alibi, I think plan was to settle in for a session, if my girlfriend allows it ( i thin the cocktails at l'abbatoir may be more of a draw!) rather than eat, so may well end up dim summing on the saturday and getting some food in the stomach and then eat a bit of seafood later.

          Sushi tips are great, not enough of it here in UK (where i live anyway) and have loved it since trying tuna belly in Tokyo many years ago (althogh I didn't feel like that at trying it for the first time ever, and at 6am!)