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Jul 14, 2012 10:34 PM

Diner's Drive-In's and Dive's Type Stuff Near The Strip?


I'm usually on the NJ board, but I will be in Vegas in December for a few days for my little sister's wedding. We will be staying on the strip, most likely at the flamingo.

Looking for more of the low cost, basic good food places (if those exist) near the strip. Preferably able to walk to (long shot I know) or take a taxi. I can rent a car no problem, but would have to plan that out ahead of time to maximize amount of places I can hit up, and also to coincide to return rental car before we start drinking on a given day.

I'm definitely going to go to in-and-out burger and Del-taco as we don't have those in NJ. and I remember them as quite good especially on the way to "The Gun Store". And last time I was in Vegas, I remember enjoying several $1.99 foot long hot dogs from Casino Royale, so I hope that gives you an idea of where I'm wiling to go :-D

We tried pizza from Wynn one day we were really hungry and it was fine, but we are from NJ so pizza is hard to impress us with pizza, and we also tried a restaurant in the Palazzo which is basically the same thing as the Cheesecake Factory (Forget the name).. it was fine.. but we have two Cheesecake factories close to us, so for this trip, I'm looking for something more unique, but not the super fancy $100+ stuff.

We tried Serendipity at Ceasers for ice cream and it was fine, but probably not worth the wait in our opinion.

The Brazilian BBQ at Planet Hollywood was OK too.. but I didn't write home about it.

I didn't try Emeriel's Sports Bar Place, and I can't remember why not now that I think about it...

I just saw an episode of Diner's Drive-In's and Dives where Guy Fierri Featured a really good looking taco place near University of Las Vegas so I'm thinking there must be more places like that around?

Thanks in Advance

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  1. You're better off renting a car as it will be much cheaper then a round trip cab fare. Las Vegas has one of the highest cab fares in the US. The Hash House A Go Go on West Sahara is good and is on Ellis Island Casino, behind Ballys on Koval Lane, microbrews their own beer and root beer. They have a $7.99 off the menu steak special. This includes a twenty ounce microbrewed beer or root beer. They also have a $5.99 steak and egg breakfast. They also have very good BBQ. Whole rack of baby backs with corn on the cob, cole slaw, baked beans and garlic bread for $12.99 with the players club card. If you go to In n Out, do a search online for their secret menu. Via Brasil is worth the trip for a Brazilian steakhouse. Rincon de Buenos Aires is worth the trip for Argentinian food. Btw, it's the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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    1. re: Eric

      Via Brasil is an excellent choice but hardly qualifies as a 3D place, IMHO.

      1. re: mucho gordo

        Thank You guys!

        I've alrealdy had Hash house a go-go on my list. I'm starting research early! :-D

        Oh.. just wanted to clarify.. I'm not necessarily looking for cheap cheap food, I'll pay for something that's worth it.. but you know.. don't wanna get ripped off.. if you know what I mean.

        Is North Vegas/freemont street worth venturing into? On our last trip (first time there).. we did rent a car and had stopped at gold and silver pawn because I was a fan of their show.. wow.. totally different than on tv :-P and that side of town looked like it could get a bit iffy after dark..

        But doing some searching on you-tube lead me to the heart attack grill.. I got a bit turned off after watching them throw handfuls of lard into the fryer and requiring customers to wear hospital gowns.. I know it can't possibly be worth the calories, but is it worth it for the tourist experience? is the food any good?

        1. re: coldsolderjoint

          When Heart Attack Grill got its start in the Phoenix area, they were one of the best burgers in town. Then, the waitresses started getting prettier and the burgers started sliding downhill. I haven't heard a single good thing about them in years.

          I'd at least pass the place and watch as people step on the scale they use to weigh people for the gimmick where people over 350 pounds eat free. I've never seen so many women proclaim their weight to strangers in my life.

      2. re: Eric

        I second Eric's recommendation for Rincon de Buenos Aires. Very casual place -- it's a cafe located in a market/ butcher shop. I'm surprised this place has not been featured on Triple D yet. Rincon de Buenos Aires is walking distance from the Strip (I've made the walk 5 times)

        Fantastic skirt steak and chimichurri sauce.

        Rincon de Buenos Aires
        5300 Spring Mountain Road
        Las Vegas
        702 257-3331

      3. If you're looking for DDD-type places, you might prefer Hash House, on Decatur near Sahara, which was on DDD, and is not related to the a-gogos. Large portions of good food, and very reasonable. However, if you're still set on the A-gogo one, they have an outpost on the Strip in Imperial Palace, although I've only been to the one on W Sahara, But I thought it was large portions of mediocre food, and not cheap. YMMV.

        For very cheap,and pretty good, there's Viva Las Arepas, on the Boulevard just north of the Stratosphere, towards downtown: Not a restaurant, just a stand.

        For not cheap, but good value, try Lotus of Siam, in a ratty strip mall about 1 1/2 miles off the Strip on E. Sahara. Considered by many to be the best Thai in the USA, at slightly-more-than-usual Thai restaurant prices. Order from the menu, skip the lunch buffet. It's one of my favorite restaurants, anywhere. Lots of posts on this board about it.

        Agree with Eric. Car rental is the way to go here, especially since parking is always free at the hotels. ......btw, like your handle.

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        1. re: Steve Green

          Totally agree on Lotus of Siam. Went last year and did not have a rental. From looking at a map it seemed close enough to walk to from the bus. Not so much. Sketchy surroundings with little traffic. We were even willing to grab a cab at that point but couldn't even get one to stop. Nonetheless... the food was so worth it. It is with out a doubt my favorite Thai spot.

        2. If you want to try the places off the strip you should definitely get a rental car - cab rides here border on ridiculous and absurd. If you go that route, look up the DDD spots and start making your rounds. Vegas isn't that hard to get around if you use the GSP on your phone and it is good to see that the city is more than just the casinos :)

          There are still a bunch of places on the strip that can get you a great meal. Vegas prices aren't low, but if you don't go crazy, you can get your money's worth at almost every property. I highly recommend The Barrymore for a nice dinner and all of the places at the Cosmo for fun dinners.

          1. The short answer is NO. No matter what you choose, you WILL need to rent a car. There is nothing Triple D worthy CLOSE to The Strip. Ignore Fremont Street. There is nothing remotely Chow worthy or Triple D worthy in that neighborhood.


            o Surf to and input 89109 for the zip code and choose the 100 mile radius to view all the restaurants Guy has reviewed on his show.

            o Hash House on Decatur. Mary the owner, just competed on Chopped.

            o Jamm's Restaurant on Rainbow at Charleston. Simply great breakfast with emphasis on superb omelets.

            o The Coffee Shop inside Jerry's Nugget Casino on Las Vegas Blvd. in North Las Vegas. The only remaining true old style coffee shop that still serves a full menu 24 hours a day.

            o Any number of ethnic mom & pop restaurants, especially Mexican or Asian.

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            1. re: shamu613

              Thanks Guys!

              Thats what I was thinking.. no problem renting a car.. just would like to limit it to one day if possible..

              Plus I can do all the planning I want.. but the main reason I'm going is for my little sister.. so I'll try to get to as many places as I can.. but we all know how even the most perfectly laid out plans end up.

            2. What does everyone think about the Peppermill? It's on the strip and kind of classic. I remember the breakfast there being great--generous coffe shop style.

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              1. re: jayjaymom

                The Peppermill's restaurant is still good though not great. HUGE portions at reasonable prices. Suggestion... share a breakfast, and order a side of fruit. If you're not driving, get a morning cocktail.

                1. re: shamu613

                  +1 on both those suggestions - their Bloody Mary's are really good: it is located north of the Wynn

                  1. re: shamu613

                    I think the Peppermill is great for that "Old Vegas" vibe on the Strip, but there are plenty of places outa state that do it better. You get a lot of food and the drinks are pretty good, but I would only send people there if they were looking for that old school feel.