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Jul 14, 2012 10:34 PM


went to Breadfruit for the first time tonight and sampled most of what they had to offer

Drinks first as that is how you should judge a rum bar

Overall the drinks were average with a couple exceptions - the pours on all the drinks was very light - as a rum bar you would think they would live up to a tiki standard - Trader Vic's this is not RIP

The caprihina was ver good and wel made not overly sweet - this was the best drink of the evening

The strawberry basilica was not wahat I was expecting. It the ladies all loved it and it was a well crafted drink on the sweet side - needed another shot of rum IMO but would be a great pool drink I would recommend trying it

The drinks I would not order again

Estate Mai Tai - served in a Collins glass and it just got worse from there

Rum old fashion - too sweet and too weak - ice for a sip then it gets old no character to the drink

Hemingway daquiri - llight pour but otherwise well balanced - could have been better

Tasting flight south America to Europe - waitress recommended this and it had some new rums I had not tried so gave it a go - again light pour - poor value here and was average at best

On to the food

Scallop app: They were scallops a bit under cooked not the greatest sear and the sauce was unremarkable would pass on this one

Mussels: great mussels cooked perfectly with a delicious sauce and nice toast points - would certainly order these again - nice change of pace from the normal French white wine preparation and the mussels were the star of the show

Service: was very good - they did up sell everything as some people had reported on yelp - don't mind that - very profession courteous and knowledgable that was the best part of the evening along with the decor - very nice inside

Overall rating: worth a go if you are in the area to see if you like it - don't think we would return again but was worth a shot

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  1. I agree with you that the mussels are great. They're one of my favorites on the menu - cooked over pimento wood with a mango-rum reduction.

    The Breadfruit is one of my favorite spots. I actually love how nicely the drinks are balanced. The last time we were there,the owner paired cocktails with our meals. That was a treat. Some of my favorites have been the Daiquiri Agricole described to me as “our simplest and most sophisticated cocktail”, the Kingston Rum Punch, and the Pina Colada. I haven't been back to try the summer cockatils yet, but I love how they are always adding seasonal drinks. A couple spring favorites were the Eighteen Karrots (Appleton Estate V/X, carrots, ginger, lemon, and pimento dram) and the Kiwi Reserve (Mount Gay Special Reserve, kiwi, lemon, pineapple and lemon blossom tincture made in-house).

    They fly in such fresh seafood so that's what I usually order. Love the rum glaze and jerk spice on the scallops, the flavor of the shrimp curry, and the fish of the day escovitch - simple but fresh, served with a spicy habanero-pimento vinegar sauce.

    I actually was really hoping to get to their seafood and cocktail pairing dinner tomorrow night, but won't be able to make it.

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      Kiwi Reserve, Daiquiri Agricole, 24 Carrots, mussels, scallops, curry, escovitch:

    2. Anyone go tonight to Breadfruit's "Five-Course Seafood + Rum Cocktail Pairing Dinner"?

      1. Thanks for the report, Dapuma, disappointing as it is. The food is probably too spicy for me, so the drinks were what had me intrigued with this place, although I hardly ever get downtown, so I've not been. I still might give it a shot, but I suppose I'll have a lot lower expectations if I do.