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Jul 14, 2012 10:13 PM

Reservation at Alan Wong's


I'm travelling to Hawaii in September this year and will be visiting Oauhu, Kauai, and Maui.

I've done a bit of research through reading this board etc and have decided I would start looking at making a reservation at a few places.

Firstly I thought I would make a reservation at Alan Wong's as it seems to get generally positive reviews across the board. I've currently locked in a reservation for Monday night however Open Table only had slots available at 5pm (far too early) or 9pm (which I took)

Ideally I'd prefer to eat around 7:30 or 8 however no matter what day I looked, and even tested dates in October just to see what availability was out of interest, Open Table still showed no availability at this time.

Did I leave it too late and would be this be the same for other restaurants, or do they only make limited places available on Open Table?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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  1. Call the restaurant and ask.

    1. We enjoyed the Chef's Tasting Menu in early June. We booked through Open Table for 9pm which was our chosen time (to allow for a pre dinner drink at waikiki).

      Have you tried the reservations page on the Alan Wong website (honolulu-reservations)? They seem to have more dining windows there. And they also have posted a contact email address.

      1. I agree with Akq. I have seen only certain times offered, and have called to get what I want.

        AW's, like many, will only open up X tables, and at Y times. They will, however, often have tables available, but not shown on OT. While I use OT very often, they do not get ALL times and ALL tables.

        Not THAT long ago, I had booked AW's on OT, and had an addition to the party. OT did not allow that addition, but a call, did . All was great.

        When in doubt, just call.



        1. This happens with a lot of places on Open Table.
          As others have said, just call.
          Hotel concierges can often get a more favorable time too.

          1. I tried on Open Table and only got lousy choices. When I called the restaurant we got a Saturday at 7:15. They told me they don't release primes times to OT. You can only get these times by calling directly.

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            1. re: Bob Foster


              That has been my experience too. It is the same for many, many restaurants.

              I first go to OT, but if things do not work out, as I hope that they will, I call.

              Had an interesting experience, on a similar side-note: went to OpenTable/TopTable site, for some London dates and dinners. Nothing that I wanted was shown. OK, went to Gordon Ramsay's site, and made my picks there. Low and behold, the OpenTable/TopTable Web site opened, and suddenly my times, dates and restaurants were there! I got what I wanted, and when I wanted it.

              On-line booking is still a bit of a "black-art," though when it works, it can be a major time-saver, especially when booking 8 - 10 time zones away.

              OT is still my first stop, but I seldom take "NO!" for an answer.

              Hope that you enjoy AW (going back in Dec.), and much aloha,


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Part of this is OpenTable's fee structure. The restaurant pays $1.00 per seated diner booked on but only $0.25 per seated diner booked via the restaurant’s website.

                1. re: kathryn

                  Now, I had not heard of this.

                  I will try to speak to some of our "o`hana" from AW, and inquire about it.