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Jul 14, 2012 09:53 PM

Downtown Dallas

We will be staying in Dallas at the Magnolia Hotel on Commerce and Akard. Any suggestions for a restaurant for dinner where we can walk from the hotel? We have eaten at the Iron Cactus before and it was fine, but thought we would look for something new.

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  1. Although not the closest, I would suggest Stephen Pyles or Samar. Both of which are on Ross Avenue.

    At 1501 Main Street, Chop House Burger is very good!

    Also in that same general area, there are many other restaurants that are very good including, The Chesterfield. Which is actually more of a glorified bar but, a very good one with excellent food.

    Ask in your hotel. They'll direct you to what's good within a reasonable walking distance. And of course, you're bound to get other 'Hounder's suggestions here as well.

    1. If you don't mind walking several blocks from your hotel, you could take the (free) McKinney Ave Trolley to a large array of restaurants - different selections and price points - through Uptown into West Village.

      1. Check out Deep Ellum area restaurants - it would be a short cab ride away or a 15-20 min walk. There's a pretty great Pizza place... authentic Neapolitan style pizza called Il Cane Rosso. They have an amazing burrata salad that I highly recommend and I miss their dessert pizza since I moved back to WI - the Bella Mella, delicious! It's a higher end, trendy type place - not just a random pizza joint. It looks a little shady on the walk over, but truly, it's not a dangerous place. I lived over in the area for over a year.

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        1. The obvious choice is the French Room in the Adolphus Hotel. It's a formal, high-end place, but the food is excellent and it's next door to the Magnolia. Dallas Chop house (1717 Main) is also walkable. For less expensive fare, Chesterfield (1404 Main), Fuse (1512 Commerce -- directly across the street from the Magnolia), and Wild Salsa (1800 Main) also are walkable. Given how hot it is, you won't want to walk to Stephen Pyles or Cane Rosso, but both are great and worthy of a cab ride.