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Jul 14, 2012 09:07 PM

Portofino on City Island

Stay away! Far away! I have never done this - but I couldn't wait to come home to the computer and blast where ever I can print how terrible our experience was this evening at Portofino on City Island.
We were a group of 6. We were seated at 7 but the balance of our group didn't arrive till 7:30. The place was relatively empty. Service started our evening by being non-existant! Eventually got drinks - and was served complimentary bruschetta on stale bread. The bread for the table was stale as well.
We didn't leave the restaurant till 10:50 - and that was not due to a good time enjoyed by all. It was the most frustrating experience with horrible service. The worst part of the poor service was that it wasn't acknowledged! We felt that by no one approaching us to apologize, offer free drinks, promise to look into the situation --- it was insult to injury. Just plain rude and insulting! Also, least I forget, we had purchased a groupon offer for this restaurant which was our introduction to the place. When I made the reservation, I let the person know that we were coming on a groupon offer and wondered about how it would work for 6 people as the offer was for a dinner for 4. So, it was clear that the person who took our reservation was aware of the groupon and its entitlements. When we finally were ordering our food, we presented the groupon and was informed that it wasn't accepted after 6pm! No where on the groupon did it state that, nor was it on the initial computer offer, nor was it mentioned by the host who took the reservation. It was a scene in the restaurant as the manager was called to our table and proceeded to loudly protest that this was their policy.

Sorry - I am just venting ---- I will stop now - but don't go! We are sorry that we did!

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  1. I know you didn't like the bruschetta or the bread, but how was the rest of the meal? As for restaurant coupons, I worked in the business for many years and have never heard of a restaurant accepting them on a Saturday night. You should have been informed of this when you made the reservation. Their is no excuse for the staff's rudeness. For the most part, those coupons were created for slower nights in the restaurant business (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

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    1. re: Sluggo1407

      I certainly understand and respect limitations - but it was not stated anywhere!

    2. You should contact Groupon. They don't take very kindly to businesses unilaterally changing the terms of their agreements with them. Especially since, because of the way Groupons work, you are already a paying customer.

      As a side note, I wonder how all of those restaurants on City Island stay in business. I've never had a decent meal out there, and I have run into some of the rudest and most uncaring and entitled staff behavior I've ever experienced in NYC.

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      1. re: Woodside Al

        I am in agreement about the quality of food and service on City Island - which is truly disappointing as the location is a great one when dining outside.