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Jul 14, 2012 07:43 PM

Summerlicious Chowfind: Taste of Lisbon- Dundas St, east of Bathurst

802 Bathurst St, upstairs.
Closed Monday , Tuesday- call to confirm

Normal food
Vegetables are for eating not decoration
Lots to eat
Tasty within the limits of Portuguese cooking
Nicely presented
Normal customers
Cheap and good! $15 lunch, $25 dinner

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  1. Sorry , address in error.
    It is 802 DUNDAS WEST. and it is WEST of Bathurst.

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    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

      They have been doing heavy advertising on the Astral TTC shelter billboards, so they have a remarkable investment to recoup.

      We went last summer, and as you say, there is plenty of substantial food in the Portuguese vein. Air conditioned too. $15 is a fair price for the food, but it is not "special" since it is off the menu. But again, if you check the menu, you find it is another example of a paid two course meal with a free flan.

      Have you tried their Friday night fish fry? All the "whitefish" you can eat for $25.

      1. re: Dean Tudor

        I went today, Sunday, for lunch . Beet salad, chicken plate , passionfruit flan (sic).

        Very good except for the beet salad, which was unnecessarily boring. Have the fish soup instead if you go.

        I mixed some basalmic and red wine vinegar on a plate and used it as a sauce for the chick

        Its not as if they will cover it in a nice sauce.


        I didn't see the two courses plus free flan special on the menu. $15 is more than fair. It is a bargain in a nice place.

        I am a bit leary of all- you- can- eat fish until I know that they don't overcook it badly.
        Its not as if they will cover it in a nice sauce

        Incidentally, what they call flan isn't what I would call flan. Their passionfruit flan is a pudding -like thing in a wine glass. Tasty and light.