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Jul 14, 2012 06:19 PM

Where to buy de Buyer Mineral "B" Cookware in & around Vancouver?

Was original looking for copper frying pans. When I learned about de Buyer Mineral "B" frying pans. I know sells them. Before buying any, I prefer seeing them, in person. Does anyone here know where, in the Vancouver area, they are sold?

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  1. Williams Sonoma might have them (Granville @ 13th); I'd call to check.

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    1. re: queueueuq

      WS definitely carries them, just a matter of if they're in stock.

    2. Thank you, both, for your quick answers. Looked up the adress and glad to see they're open Sundays. I'll be sure to give them a ring! Can't wait to get my hands on some decent cookware.

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      1. re: swedane

        I set up a group buy last year from Coquitlam Food Equipment which is a restaurant supply store. Undoubtedly priced less than at WS. Great pans.

        1. re: fmed

          I don't really qualify as a group, but lucky for the group you took! I've already checked WS prices against Amazon's. WS charges up to 33% more. For now, I just want to view the various models and sizes, before deciding on which ones to buy.

          1. re: swedane

            To clarify: an individual buyer can purchase pans at CFE. You don't need to be a group. Call Monique at (604) 521-1566 to see if they still carry it.

            1. re: fmed

              Thank you so much for the contact name and phone number, I will be sure to call Monique first thing tomorrow. :) I will let you know how it turns out.

            2. re: swedane

              Unfortunately - regardless of price, WS on Granville does not (and hasn't previously) carried de Buyer in store.

              I've got the same question as the original poster.

              Haven't tried CFE yet - but unfortunately they're only open M-F, which makes a bomb out there pretty much impossible for someone in Vancouver who's working banker's hours.

              Anywhere else?

              1. re: coreyinoz

                WS does indeed carry de Buyer, i work there!

                if you did want to peek at them in person, the next time you're in the store, you'll find them in the bay between the knife case and the mauviel copper, above the paella pans and below the woks. there's one shelf of them but WS Granville definitely carries 3-4 different models.

                1. re: mopiepls

                  Hahaha - it must have been my mangled pronunciation when I called to check on availability.

                  The girl on the phone confidently told me that indeed they were not carried, so I never thought to drive out there to prove her wrong.

                  Hopefully they have the 10" or 12" mineral b frying pan in stock.

                  Thanks for the info.

                2. re: coreyinoz

                  I was just there last week and yes, WS does carry de Buyer.

          2. I have a BRAND NEW NEVER USED 12-1/2" (32cm) de Buyer Poele Paysanne "Country" Pan, made of 2mm-thick blue steel, if anyone is interested in buying:


            Please contact me at <saabken AT yahoo DOT ca). Please put "de Buyer" in the subject line so I won't accidentally chuck your email into the spam folder. Cheers :-)

            1. I just purchased one online last week. I haven't gotten around to seasoning it yet so I can take close up pictures of anything you want to see if you need.

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              1. re: mrbitterpants

                Cool - thanks for the offer - which website did you buy from?

                The cheapest I've seen that delivers to Canada is this;



                1. re: coreyinoz

                  I shipped to Blaine so may not work for you but I got it here:
                  with a 5% coupon code KIT5
                  Not the most confidence inspiring site but it shipped out the next day and was packaged well.

              2. i realize there is an entirely dedicated cookware board here on ch - but can one of the regulars on this BC board pls tell me more about this - i have an assortment of cookware from original (before china asia) paderno to inherited old cast iron.

                what do you like about this particular brand?

                i am a fan of Wm Sonoma - nice displays, inspiring (i bought something at WS Seattle i was sure i would use over this recent bbq season but it's still in my pots and pans cupboard w/ wrapper on it!)

                i am interested to learn more about this cookware

                does it work on gas only?
                would it work on electric coil?
                glass cooktop electric?


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                1. re: Georgia Strait

                  old school French brand. solidly built carbon steel pans. when seasoned they are non-stick like cast-iron without being quite so heavy (although still hefty). they should work on any range that a stainless steel pan would. for me, they're a replacement for sketchy teflon and "green" non-stick coatings.

                  big thread here (among others):

                  1. re: mrbitterpants

                    They are great pans that benefit from very frequent use. They just get better and more non-stick with age. Best searing pan I own. Nothing comes close (in my collection) to its conductivity.

                    1. re: fmed

                      so they haven't cheapened the manufacturing while still keeping the name? I ask because it seems so many things have kept the name but things are just cheaply made with a planned life expiry date --- like my expensive Kitchenaid fridge - remember when our moms and aunts all bought that brand 25 or better years ago cuz it meant something? no not a rant, just an example of what i am trying to explain. thank you for your info - very interesting. I am a big fan of having one or two decent things (knives, pots/pans, serveware, dinnerware, etc instead of 20 things cluttering my kitchen.

                      ps is there mis-guiding auto correct on CH or is it me?

                      1. re: Georgia Strait

                        afaik, they're still made in France. pick one up and you'll see its well made. new ones seem very similar to the old one's i used in France.

                        1. re: mrbitterpants

                          Yep. France. And they are pretty hardcore and will take a beating. Big rivets, heavy. I have some old ones (maybe 20 years old now) and they are my favourite pans. Bought some new ones in a group buy from CFE last year.

                          1. re: fmed

                            From that CFE group buy last year, I have a brand new, never used 12-1/2" (32cm) de Buyer Poele Paysanne "Country" Pan (2mm-thick blue steel) if anyone is interested.