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Jul 14, 2012 05:54 PM

Chile Mango Paleta at La Reina de Michoacan, Fresno

Had to drop off my son at the Fresno airport today in the midst of a busy day, so while I didn't linger in the 'big city' long I did want a reward for my effort. When it is mid-nineties in the shade a paleta is the perfect reward so I swung by La Reina de Michoacan on Belmont.

I've been several times, but a new (to me) flavor of paleta caught my eye today: 'Mango Chile'. The friendly counter worker told me that it was more of a 'pico de gallo' (her words) than just mango and chile: no tomato (it was red enough from the chile that had she told me it had tomato I probably would have believed her), but that it it did have cucumber and lime along with red chile and mango.

Sold. For $1.50 I was transported back to the streets of Mexico City, where no visit to Chapultepec Park would have been complete without a paper cone of sliced tropical fruits, jicama and cucumber, with lime and chile powder squeezed/sprinkled on top, purchased from a street vendor. This paleta captured that sort of flavor combination all in one cold, very spicy, salty, sweet treat of refreshing goodness.

Seriously, this was one of my five best bites so far this year. Not sure what I was thinking going to La Reina without a cooler and lots of ice to bring home some extras.

My first try of La Reina de Michoacan:

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  1. OK, is it far from the 99?? Because I know where we're stopping on our next trip through the valley :-)

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      Very easy access from the 99; take the Belmont exit off of 99 and head east on Belmont no more than about a mile or will pass the park and zoo on your left, go through a roundabout, stay on Belmont under an overpass, and you are there, it is on the right (South) side of the street. Lots of parking in the lot next door: a sign says the parking is only for the print shop that shares the building, but the print shop, alas, appears to have been closed for a long time. You will also pass a cheap gas station or two (and it has a restroom. the perfect pit stop.)

      1. re: janetofreno

        720 E Belmont Ave (SE @ Broadway)
        Fresno, CA 93701
        (559) 485-3013

      2. Thanks for the update.
        I was looking for this place a while back but could'nt find the original thread.
        Btw, next time you are in Fresno try Tacos y Mariscos Tijuana.