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Jul 14, 2012 05:19 PM

Chef Wanted - Spoiler

Is anyone else watching this? Not being a big Burrell fan, I wasn't until she "helped" David
Burke and Todd English. Surprised chefs of this caliber would resort to this in hiring a new
executive chef unless they were more interested in publicity than quality candidates.

Couldn't believe she brought Paul to Olives. IIRC, he's lost at least twice on Chopped at least
partially I think because of his arrogant attitude. He did it again in the first round when he used
butter and herbs after English specifically requested olive oil and spices. Was amazed he made
it to the second round.

I knew about editing and figure we don't see a lot of what goes on (maybe one-on-one
interviews) but this seems to me to be one of the most implausible premises for a reality
food show considering the possible consequences for the chef/owners.

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  1. I thought the guy in the green jacket was amazing. I started out "wanting" the "young guy witn the fulll lips", but after seeing tne "gay guy from the south", I was like "oh! THAT'S how that's supposed to work!

    1. This show is a horrible mutation of the old Chef Hunter... same production companies and same creative auspices, but obviously they decided it just wasn't phony and obnoxious enough, so they added Anne Burrell and those phony challenges with the chefs running around the city for no apparent reason chasing down ingredients that are likely already in the restaurant's walk-in.

      So they took a pretty good show and made it mostly unwatchable, because now it's mostly about the odious Anne and her stupid Valley-girl upspeak yelling at the "shuffs" and her ever-growing hairdo, which is about to take over her whole head, and then the entire room in its quest for world domination. Seeing the normally unflappable Todd English throwing plates was laughable.

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      1. re: acgold7

        Yeah, Chef Hunter was way better because it seemed a lot more like reality.

        1. re: acgold7

          I like Anne, but that hair is starting to look a bit like Bozo, minus the orange color. I wear my hair very cropped and spikey, so I know short hair needs to be maintained a LOT.

          I also don't think this is a good fit for her. Not enough instruction, too much drama.

        2. I am a big fan of Anne Burrell, when she's cooking. As I have said before, I think she is wasted on this show.

          It's like they took all the competition shows cliches and condensed them into a one hour episode.

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          1. re: pamf

            This show is NOT a good fit for Anne. She is just mean and screams the whole time. I much prefer her when she has something to teach like on Secrets of a Restaurant Chef or even Worst Cooks. I suspect that SORC may have been cancelled though.

          2. I caught the end of it when Todd English was melting down. I am convinced he was half lit by the end of the show. He was talking odd and acting odd. I don't think this episode did him any favors.

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            1. re: Manassas64

              Yes, he seemed to be on "something..."

              1. re: ChefJune

                He was clearly UIP -- Under the Influence of Producers....

              2. re: Manassas64

                I'm not a fan of Todd English - way to fond of himself. Can you think of another chef that puts his name above the name of there restaurant on the sign? But , I agree, he did himself no favors here.

              3. Paul fascinates me-- somewhat like a train wreck.
                I really don't see it as arrogance. He seems literally incapable of listening or processing what he's told.

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                1. re: Kris in Beijing

                  When Paul was on Chopped he made a big deal about making sure his skin looked just right in certain camera angles. That's real important. He was very arrogant about how much better he was than his competition.