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Box lunch delivery in Seattle

Anyone know of any restaurants that deliver GOOD box lunches in Seattle?

I've come up with Blueacre Seafood and Monsoon. I'm not interested in pizza or greasy take out food.


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  1. Kaspar's used to not sure if they still do.

    1. Goumando, le founil, baguette box

      1. Blueacre does a really nice job. Also investigate Gourmando ( http://gourmondocatering.com/driver.p... )

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          My company started using Gourmondo and everyone who has tried it is so surprised that a boxed lunch has such high quality ingredients.

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            yup. I really like the salmon with pasta and corn salad box.

          1. You can try Einstein Bros. Bagels for good sandwiches and sides....they even have several tasty healthy options too....we order from them quite often....

              1. I've tried several. The biggest hurdle is satisfying people with boring palates who think that more is better even if they don't eat everything and aren't paying for it. Gretchen's is probably the best for that. If you co-workers are okay with change, here are my thoughts.

                Harried & Hungry is about as good as Gretchen's for fairly similar offerings. I did not think that Ingallina's or Fast Rabbits were all that great. Organic to Go was downright bad, but I think they've made some changes since we ordered from them in 2010 or so.

                Homegrown's box lunches are not as good as the sandwiches at the cafes, but they're worth a shot if you want a sandwich. The worst thing about ordering from Homegrown is that they charge a 10% gratuity on top of the lunch prices.

                Gourmando is great if you order the entrees. The sandwiches and salads are hit-or-miss. Sometimes they seem to go overboard with lettuce.

                Monsoon's box lunches come with a really good dessert. I wholeheartedly recommend them if you are able to sell everyone on Vietnamese food. Baguette Box is a good plan B if someone at the group gets nervous around non-Western cuisine.

                Potbelly only delivers if you are within a few blocks of one of their shops, but I think they are worth looking into if you want sandwiches and are either in their delivery radius or can pick the order up.

                Someone should order from Bambino's and let us know how it is.

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                  I like Mama's brown bags. Their tuna sandwich is actually real tuna, not some weird mayo laden mix. Delicious meatloaf too

                  1. Pho Cyclo in the Wells Fargo building is also now advertising box lunches. I have had all the standard sandwich lunches over the years, and prefer Gretchen's to Ingallinas. just thinking about them fills me with boredom, though. but they are just fine for a working lunch.