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May 17, 2012 11:09 AM

Good restaurants close to Sherman?

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Thanks, saturngrrl! If no one responds or gets to it, I'll try to report back when I eventually try it. We've attempted to stop a number of times, but for some reason, our little one always seems to be fussy along that stretch of road and we end up having to book it home.

Since you know the area so well, do you mind if I put you on the spot? Do you happen to know of any good restaurants in the area closer to Sherman? The American Pie Company is well loved, I know, and the excellent homemade minestrone soup I tried there gives some hints as to why. If you have any other suggestions, I'd appreciate them. If not, no worries! I should probably start another thread, anyway.

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  1. I've never been but Adrienne's in New Miford gets good reviews (from Sherman take 37 to 7 - about 10 minutes from American Pie).

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      Thanks for this lead, HunterJay. I like the music on their website. :)

      Is it fair to say there are really no restaurants in Sherman? I think I saw one place (Italian IIRC) in the town center -- and that was pretty much it.

      Wonder what the delivery scene is like...

      1. re: michelleats

        That'd be Arrivederci also on 37 (about 2 minutes from American Pie on the other side of the road). Never been, just drive by it on my way home. Yelp has some good reviews for it. I'd guess that most people would go to New Fairfield, New Milford, or Danbury for a night out.
        I wouldn't count on delivery in Sherman - I may be wrong, but there doesn't seem to be too many options.

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            Thanks a bunch! I need to get back to American Pie Company, esp. to try dinner. I know their breakfasts are locally (in)famous, but we enjoy eating that meal at home in our pajamas, with stinky morning breath.

            I think APC and Arrivederci pretty much cover everything that's in Sherman, huh? I guess there is prepared food in the IGA if we get really desperate and don't feel like cooking.

            The good news is that we've found some pretty good places near, if not actually in, Sherman. So far, we've loved Pho Vietnam (Danbury), The Cookhouse (New Milford; very good pulled pork and ribs, collard greens, fries), Brewster Pastry (Brewster, NY; great cannoli), that bakery in the New Fairfield Food Center complex... the Goodie Shop? (good breads, nice-looking pastries we haven't yet tried).

            White Horse Tavern in New Milford looks interesting.

            Sorry to hijack this Danbury thread, by the way. I should go start a Sherman-area thread.

      2. Would that American Pie were as good as people say! I'd give low marks to the gummy, over-sweet pies--and pretty much everything else we've tried there for lunch for dinner has disappointed. Sigh. I think Arriverderci (sp?) closed. So, yup, if you want to eat out in Sherman, you need to go to a neighboring town.

        Some of our favorites: Big W in Wingdale (was going to say the best 'cue in the area--but i'd say the best, period--leaves the Cookhouse in the dust!), Salsa's in New Milford (southwestern--esp. soups/specials), Mamie's in Roxbury for breakfast/lunch/bakery goods (dinner has been more plus/minus), Royal Guard in Danbury (south Asian + fish/chips--haven't tried the latter, but hooked on their veg. biryani, eaten while watching cricket on the South Asian TV channel they have going).

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          You're a great resource, Sue! Thanks so much for the notes! (But seriously... cricket? :)