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Jul 14, 2012 03:29 PM

Going to Lukshon for DineLA, any must try dishes for the regular menu?

So from the 9 here I should be able to get one of each dish since I'm going with two others but any that I shouldn't bother to try?

Also I'd like to know if there are any dishes that are a must try since this will be the first time for me.

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  1. I really like the clams, the chicken "pop"s, and the whole fish from the regular menu

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    1. re: foufou

      I'm kind of confused by the menu it says it is served family style... does that mean we can only choose 3 dishes as a group?

      1. re: Johnny L

        From the regular menu, the lamb belly roti canai and the crispy cocunut rice cakes. I also really liked the dan dan noodles, but YMMV on that one (as the server diplomatically said, "It's got a unique flavor profile. We have to warm patrons about that." If you've had sichuan food b/f, it shouldn't be an issue.

        As far as the DineLA menu is concerned, it sounds as if you can choose one per person for the lunch menu (which isn't that much of a savings, truth be told) and three per person for the dinner menu (which, depending on the individual regular price of each dish, might actually be a good deal, since you can easily spend $50 per person otherwise [and that's w/o alcohol).

        I assume the "family style" just means it's tapas-style/small plates that are meant to be shared. Calling to confirm would be the safest thing to do.

    2. Last year they required all guests to choose the same because it is served family style. I'd confirm before you start planning.

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      1. re: JudiAU

        my first visit to Lukshon was during DINELA last year and my dining party was not required to choose the same dishes........

        1. re: foufou

          Question to someone who has been to this summer's DineLA " For a party of two can we order 6 different dishes or just 3 to share?

          1. re: wienermobile

            check the DineLA thread....the consensus seems to be six different dishes for a party of two among those who have been this summer

      2. without a doubt, the dan dan noodles

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        1. re: soniabegonia

          their dinela lunch menu shows an item:
          <<dandan noodles & green papaya salad
          kurobuta pork, preserved mustard greens sichuan peppercorns, peanuts salad: cherry tomatoes, long beans, crispy shallot nam pla, lime>>

        2. just went last night and the dineLA menu is a fantastic deal. my gf and i opted for the hawaiian butterfish, black cod and the BBQ kurobuta ribs off the dineLA menu and ordered the spicy chicken pops off the regular menu. the executive chef also let us try a nibble of the tea leaf salad, which was a flavor bomb. i'd go with the butterfish, tea leaf salad & ribs for sure...

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          1. re: mikkel obe

            gotta add that imho, the steamed cod was exceptional all three times i had it last week.

            1. re: westsidegal

              I have had the steamed cod several times's a great dish.

          2. I have a service warning on this place, I had a terrible experience on friday night.


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            1. re: sarahbeths

              Has anyone contacted you from the restaurant yet?

              1. re: sarahbeths

                i'm sorry to hear about your experience - ours this past weekend was the complete opposite!

                not only was our service spot on, we had been eyeing the tea leaf salad which sadly we didn't have the opportunity to order. when executive chef ted hopson spotted our watering tongues, he was nice enough to pile enough salad on two serving spoons for my girlfriend and i to sample. that's one of the only times that's ever happened to me at a dining establishment, so count me as a big fan of theirs...

                1. re: mikkel obe

                  i've been there 5 times thus far during this DineLA period and every time i have been treated very, very, very, well.
                  plan to go back there tomorrow night too.

                  1. re: mikkel obe

                    evidently service is spot on as long as you don't try to request a specific dessert.

                    1. re: ns1

                      also, i knew going in, that, like gjelina, they have a "no substitutions, no changes" policy.
                      after sitting at the "chef's counter" and watching the insane amount of food that was being cooked/assembled/plated at 8:00pm, i could easily understand their reasoning.

                      some restaurants are "have it your way" and some, like gjelina and lukshon, and father's office are not.

                      1. re: ns1

                        haha yup. and it's been discussed ad nauseum, but as far as i'm concerned, if they're giving me a free dessert, i don't care what they give me - i'll take it and be happy with it. i'm certainly not going to complain about something i didn't pay for. when one starts to push back about free stuff, it defeats the purpose of it being a nice gesture.

                        and like westsidegal mentioned, i knew that going into father's office and lukshon on my first respective visits there, so there was no surprise factor. ..