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Jul 14, 2012 02:24 PM

Decent Chicken Noodle soup w/o homemade broth

Is it possible to make a decent chicken noodle soup without home made broth? I have to sick people at home who want soup and there is no time to make broth.

Any ideas?

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  1. Knorr Home style stock is great but not cheap for what it makes. Better Than Bullion is a really great bullion. Not to salty and lots of broth flavor. Fit for a quick fix pick me up soup. Good luck with the illnesses.
    Make sure to fortify the soup with a bay leaf and some dry herbs like thyme and fresh veggies to give a more home style taste.

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      If your store carries reduced sodium BTB, get that. It's still plenty salty. Also, adding a packet of plain gelatin per quart of soup adds the unctuous mouthfeel of homemade stock.

    2. Buying bone in chicken for the chicken you are adding to the soup and poaching it in the broth you have will help enhance the flavor.

      1. Yes... use something like the Pacific Brand Organic or Trader Joe's brand chicken broth that comes in the 1 qt boxes. Make sure to use some aromatic veggies (onion, carrots, celery), herb's along with the chicken. Personally I really like some spinach stirred in just before serving.

        1. I use a boxed chicken stock from Nature's Promise - it's a store brand for Stop & Shop in the northeast and Giant in Maryland. I keep it in the pantry for emergencies and it's wonderful. They have chicken, beef and vegetable and they are all good. I'll cook the diced chicken and carrots in the stock until the carrots are tender, and cook the noodles separately so they don't soak up all the stock and turn into paste.

          1. Any quality (major brand) of boxed low sodium chicken broth should make a fine soup base and, if you don't want to use packaged dried noodles, you''ll find fresh noodles in the refrigerated foods section of your supermarket. Not only are the fresh noodles tastier and capable of maintaining a better texture, they cook much faster. Add a few chopped fresh (or dried) herbs along with the noodles.