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Jul 14, 2012 01:42 PM

Whats your favorite thing to make with a Vita Mix?

For those of you who have one, I just took the plunge and bought mine from Costco and its on its way not here yet but in the next few days, so I have the dry container and the wet, I plan on doing vegetable smoothies,nut butters,soups but would love to hear what your favorite uses for a Vita Mix are.
Thanks in Advance

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  1. So far, my favorite is icy coffee drinks. Here's my favorite recipe so far:

    Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

    Another favorite is just a can of peaches in its own juice and ice cubes. Really good smoothie.

    Get a book (paperback) called, "Delicious Blends - The Vita-mix Professional Demonstrator Recipe Guide". It's about $ 15 to $ 20. It contains the recipes that are used in live demonstrations (like Costco, Fairs, etc).

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      Hey Thanks for the tip I'll go find a copy of that book is the cookbook that comes with it any good?

      1. re: tidecreek

        Yes, it's a good book. But a lot of people ask for some of the demo recipes the see and most of those are not in the book that comes with the blender.

    2. Green smoothies and yogurt smoothies. If you make the yogurt smoothie with frozen fruit, it ends up having the consistency of a frozen yogurt. Simple watermelon juice - some watermelon and a few ice cubes and mix until you have juice.