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Looking for decently priced ethnic food (Staten Island/Brooklyn/Queens)

Any type!

My wife is on a food kick and is endeavoring to try as many types of food as possible.

We'd like to keep the entire bill under $50 (we don't drink alcohol so that's not a factor).


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    1. re: AubWah

      Sri Lankan in Staten Island. Big SL community here and several restaurants. Fairly convenient to ferry. San Rasa, Lakruwana, Lak Bojun. Dosa Garden for excellent Indian.

      1. re: AubWah

        +1 on sripraphai. just went a few weeks ago. pretty awesome.

      2. Lot's of great choices on the The Underground Gourmet's 2012 Cheap Eats list on Grub Street.

        1. type in queens, brooklyn, or queens in chowhound or yelp.

            1. Bukharian (central asian jewish) food in rego park queens.

              1. Middle Eastern food on Atlantic Ave. between Court and Henry Streets. I like the Waterfalls Restaurant at 144 Atlantic Ave, but there are other good choices too.

                1. i would also suggest Tanoreen in Brooklyn.

                  1. notwithstanding endless posts about Park Slope, this is really the core interest of this Board. There ARE some long threads responding to similar questions, for example about people on massive Food pilgrimages through Jackson Hts, or Brooklyn etc, maybe someone can find and post links to a couple of these, but honestly, if you just scroll down through a month or so of posts on this Board, you will have more ideas for food adventures than you will know what to do with Stop and ask a question when you find something that interests you.

                    1. At $50, you could do Greek and Italian too, assuming those are still and ethnicity.
                      I eat out 6-8 times a week in Queens and have rarely spent $25/pp.
                      As Jen said, the question is too broad based.