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Jul 14, 2012 01:07 PM

family-friendly sunday dinner in montclair?

4 adults, 3 small kids, sunday (tom'w) dinner in montclair. any recommendations for someplace not too expensive that doesn't mind the chaos of small children? i've been to raymond's for brunch and liked it, but never dinner - good choice? is it super-crowded for dinner like it is brunch-time? any other places to recommend along those lines? thanks!!

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  1. Raymond's is definitely good for dinner as well, and if you're going on the earlier side (I'm guessing due to the kids' age) you certainly won't be the only people in there with kids. Other options:
    Egan and Sons on Walnut Street (don't let the fact that it's a pub fool you--full menu, also v family-friendly for an early dinner)
    Four Seasons Kabab House on Valley Road

    And if you don't 'need' to stay in Montclair proper, Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove (lower level of the Kings Shopping Center) is just outside of town and ALWAYS full of families on Sunday nights