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Jul 14, 2012 10:39 AM

Where should I go for dinner in Westchester tonight?

I know this is very broad, but I'm so tired of looking for new & good places to try.
I'm looking to take my family out for my husband's birthday, with our 2 teenage boys.
We are all foodies and prefer ethnic, interesting food.
Was thinking of trying Sonora, but with the 2 voracious eaters it will be too pricey.
We recently enjoyed La Bella Havana, but it's kind of cramped for the 4 of us.
One of our favorites is the Little Mexican Cafe, but we go there too often. Same with Village Social.
We are in Northern Westchester, but anywhere in Westch. is fine.
Tired of the dearth of decent restaurants around here, and don't feel like driving into the city tonight....any suggestions?

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  1. Not sure if you 'be been but had a very enjoyable dinner last Saturday at via vanti in Mt
    Kisco. Good drinks, nice service. We had mussels and a mushroom tower appertizer. Salmon in a broth, chicken Milanese and vegetable no noodles lasagna. There were a lot of choices I could have gone with. Nice pleasant experience especially with teenage boys

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      HAven't been yet, but the new "Himayala" (reviewed in the NY Times a few weeks ago) in Yorktown Hts coudl be a good adventure?

      Let us know where you go...and happy birthday to your spouseman.

    2. We love Zitoune in Mamaroneck ( The TANGIA MARRAKCHIA (Cumin infused Beef Short Ribs slow cooked with Lemons and served with steamed Couscous in a traditional terracotta Tangia pot) is amazing. I feel like every time we're there they have some kind of happy hour or other special to offset the somewhat high (for Westchester) menu prices. I've never gone on Saturday though, so I don't know if they're offered then. There's also Bartaco in Port Chester or Cienega in New Rochelle.

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      1. re: cbn456

        We love Bar Taco, we were there last night but if you want quantity skip Bar Taco. The portions are miniscule-- delicious but not when you are ravenous

      2. Via Vanti is our home away from home....I think we end up there just about once a week!!
        Love it!
        I forgot about Himalaya....I read the review also which sounded good, but then someone told me otherwise.
        The others sound good too...will have to check them out.
        Thanks for the ideas!