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Jul 14, 2012 10:32 AM

Gourmet, Ethnic, and just plain great grocery stores near Disney?

Hi Orlando-based 'hounds! DRN0001 (an occasional poster on this board about Disney dining) and I were just discussing options for stocking up on great food for dining-in while visiting Orlando. Not being from the area, I have no clue about the shopping options close to the parks.

I'd love recommendations for a grocery store with great produce, or a small ethnic grocery, someplace with delicious prepared foods, excellent cheese and meats, or someplace you know of that is not to be missed. And if you happen to know whether they deliver, that would be a bonus!

So if you were a tourist to Orlando and wanted to stock your vacation fridge with fresh, delicious, or interesting goodies, where would you go?


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  1. Goodings is across from the Disney entrance on 535. It is in the Crossroads shopping plaza. It is hohum. But, further north at Turkey Lake and Sandlake is a Whole Foods Market which has an AMAZING buffet and salad bar in addition to the grocery section. Be careful though, I always spend bunch more than I intended... it is all so good! Further down SandLake is Chamberlains, smaller and local but also very good.

    1. I'm pretty sure the International Food Club, 4300 Lb McLeod Rd, Orlando, is one of the largest ethnic grocery stores in Florida. Don't let the odd name fool you. The place looks like an industrial park warehouse but inside a a HUGE retail supermarket with sections of foods from any European (East And West) or Mideastern country. They have a smaller room in front with a large selection of British and Mideastern candies and snacks. If you push through the curtains inside is an immense olive bar, small deli with sandwiches, hundreds of teas (not much coffee) etc. Allow a little time to browse on your first trip. My biggest problem is never having enough room in the car or cooler space to get enough home!

      I'd suggest you Google the name for their web site and lots of independent reviews!

      Maps shows it's 11 miles from Disney Village and 2 miles from the Millenium Mall.

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        This is a really good one. My friend of mine found some South African products there as well.

        I've never been inside so I can't speak to the quality but in the shopping plaza next to memories of India on Turkey Lake Road there is an Indian store. Spice market kind of place.

        Also down in the Vi-Mi aka Little Saigon are of town. Pho 88, Lac Viet, etc is an Asian super market which is pretty neat.

      2. Thanks for posting this MouseChow, since I'm leaving next week and wanted to hear about the gourmet grocery stores too..
        Fortuna Bakery was recommended.

        We booked Bistro de Paris!
        Can't wait..

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          Fortuna Bakery is great. Menu is all in Spanish but friendly and helpful staff. Plenty of baked goods, cakes, desserts as well as breakfast and lunch items. Not a grocery store but a very nice bakery.

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            I speak Spanish so no worries on looks great..

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              I know that a lot of people who come to the board vacationing here might want a heads up since not everyone is used to our large Hispanic local culture. So I like to give them a heads up so they don't walk in there expecting to order off of an English menu.

              Since you know Spanish, you may want to just check out some of the local Spanish stores and markets. You'll see them just driving around the area.

              You might want to check out Meat Emporium -

              Also we have a lot of Latin food trucks as well.

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            BeachChick, I hope all of your hard work planning pays off!

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              Thanks MouseChow and Sandwich Sister and all your help!

          3. It's about 9 miles north of WDW, but the Whole Foods Market just off Dr. Phillips Blvd is pretty nifty; very big and spacious with lots of prepared foods. Much better than the WFMs back home.

            (8003 Turkey Lake)

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              that one is pretty new. I work near it. They do have a wide variety and they installed a bar in there too! lol. The prices are still Whole food prices but it's worth a check especially if you come from a different area in the country. Could have some items you aren't used to seeing.

            2. Thank you all so much for the great information! I can always count on my 'hounds. :) I'm going to compile this into a blog post - hopefully it will help people who may not find the thread here. In all of my googling all I found were references to Goodings, and reviews of how awful and overpriced it is. Looking forward to checking out Food Club this fall when I visit!