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Jul 14, 2012 10:25 AM

Juniper, a fine new Tulsa restaurant

Some great food is coming out of Tulsa kitchens. There's Marcus Vause's sophisticated creations at the Brasserie, and Ian van Anglen pushing the envelope weekly with his innovative weekend specials at Doc's Wine and Food, both on Brookside. One restaurant that consistently delights is Juniper, on the fringes of downtown. The decor is elegant yet charming, the service attentive and knowledgeable. Chef-owner Justin Thompson and his wonderful sous-chef Paul Wilson meet with local farmers every Monday and design a new weekly menu based on what produce is best. This week, for example, the theme was fresh corn. I had bacon wrapped, honey glazed foie gras over a fresh corn succotash followed by a tasty white drumfish fillet over local lima beans and corn, topped with a sauce made with corn and crabmeat. They won't have this next week but whatever they have it will be great.

324 East 3rd Street
(918) 794-1090

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  1. Juniper just gets better and better. Amazing new menus every week. A few weeks ago I had the dish in the photo. Scallops in a lake of squid ink accompanied by celery root topped with celery root ice cream! And yes the dish worked.