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looking for just one; it has to be "the one"

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flying in to vancouver tomorrow from New York.
Have opportunity for just one meal in vancouver.
Looking for something memorable and awesome, seafood/fish/pacific northwest.
Myself and 4 professional colleagues.
It has to be the one place to talk about in a positive way.
(had received suggestions of Joe Forte, raincity, boathouse, bridges).


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  1. for pure, sustainable, unadulterated, top quality seafood in vancouver, it doesn't get much better than Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar - in the heart of yaletown: http://www.bluewatercafe.net/menus/in...

    but to be completely honest, my first choice would be newly opened, Fable. unpretentious, firm farm to table philosophy and a menu that is highly indicative of vancouver and west coast cuisine. one of the best pieces of salmon / meals i've had in the city: http://www.straight.com/article-71397...

    tough decisions ahead. best of luck!

    1. Are you looking for views or food? I'd say the suggestions you've been given skews towards views/patios rather than food.

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        Looking for food quality first.

      2. The answer is probably Blue Water (I, personally, have never *really* loved it there but everyone else raves). C Restaurant also has nice seafood but for some reason it's not what I would call "the one." Bishop's is excellent and what I'd consider a Vancouver institution at this point; it's very Pacific Northwest but not specifically seafood-oriented.

        As for the places you mentioned, definitely NOT The Boathouse! As Anne M has noted, it's good for the view, not the food (same goes for Bridges). It would be a terrible shame if that were to be your one Vancouver experience.

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          No such place Sorry-time to blink the stars out of your eyes-or rent a place with a kitchen-or both.

        2. I rather enjoyed RainCity last week. You could always... have a cocktails on the deck at Fortes, then take the 15 minute walk to RainCity for the food. Followed by a bit of time at the beach.

          1. Goodness the suggestions you received were pretty poor, I have to say. Bridges is terrible.

            Seafood: Blue Water Cafe or YEW at the Four Seasons (respectfully disagree about C Restaurant - went there last October and it was *woeful*). BWC is more of a Vancouver "scene", YEW is a bit more homey.

            Fine Dining: The Pear Tree in Burnaby or Fraiche in West Van - both are a bit of a hike but both have served me the best meals I've had in Vancouver. Fraiche also has a stunning view across the ocean & into downtown, and Chef Alvarez worked at Murgaritz in San Sebastian so he does a fair bit of the experimental molecular stuff.

            I would also highly highly recommend Bishops, though have only observed in their kitchen but never actually eaten a full meal there.

            1. My pick these days would be L'Abattoir. Don't miss out on the cocktails.

              1. Another vote for Blue Water Cafe.

                I'd have to disagree that BWC is a "Vancouver scene." I find it very comfortable and even though it's in Yaletown - they aren't trying hard to be cool. It's just a great time tested resto.

                Have fun in Van!

                1. i also say blue water or Coast.

                  If you had a few more meals... i would definately say bridges for drinks on the patio.