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Jul 14, 2012 10:17 AM

Too many reservations for Montreal!

Hi. We're coming to Montreal for our 15th anniversary in a couple of weeks. I received great recommendations on this site. I've made way too many reservations and am now trying to figure out which to cancel since I do not want to go overboard and spend $800 to $1000 on food. I splugred on the hotel in Old Montreal.

So, which should I cancel? Thinking I will probably not try foie gras but may try poutine. I'm really not a foodie but definitely got caught up in finding "the" place for our anniversary. I've now read bad reviews for my choice for our anniversary and am now doubting that.

Our anniversary dinner at Les 400 Coups. Friday lunch at Club Chasse et Peche with dinner at Au Pied de Cochon. Definitely thinking of canceling one of those. Doing both on the same day is probably too much. Sat night at Garde Manger. I got up at 3:30am to try to get the Garde Manger reservation and only 6:45 was available so I grabbed it. I'm probably going to keep at least 2 of these reservations. Wondering if Club Chasse et Peche is a better choice for our anniversary dinner?

Am in the process now of printing out menus for places like Restuarant Holder, F Bar, Brasserie T, Laloux to see how many some of those would work. Really don't want to worry about ordering wine because food is so expensive. I'm overthinking this way too much! Getting to the point that I'd rather go where I get a great pizza with a good bottle of wine instead of worrying about how much wine will cost in addition to dinner.

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  1. if you're not gonna eat foie then cancel pied de cochon imo

    i would also cancel garde manger.. mostly hype and pretty touristy vibe

    400 coups is a great choice for an anniversary. club chasse is great too.

    i wouldn't even bother with the last four you mentionned..

    for an anniversary dinner i'd say the romantic table for 2 at joe beef in the middle of the garden but that's just me. for that table it would be best to call and say it's for an anniversary.. the resto is likely fully booked for the rest of the summer.

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      Thanks for the reply. I actually did try Joe Beef and it is fully booked. I'll give them a call!

      The last 4 restaurants are cheaper alternatives for other nights, not the anniversary dinner. I'll be there for 3 nights. Thanks!

    2. Les 400 Coups is great but the space isn't very intimate. If you're going for a more romantic vibe I'd probably choose Le Club Chasse et Peche for the anniversary. That said, I had lunch on their terrasse this week and it was phenomenal - in my opinion you can't really go wrong with CC&P no matter when you go.

      If I had to pick three dinners out of the ones you've mentioned I would do CC&P (intimate/sophisticated), Les 400 Coups (hip/boisterous/see-and-be-seen) and Laloux (classic/elegant). All three have great food and represent different sides of the Montreal dining scene quite well.

      While I've enjoyed Au Pied de Cochon, it might not be worthwhile if you're not a very adventurous eater. If you do go, expect to have a pretty extravagant meal.

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        Yes, Laloux is a classy elegant bistro you might like...Montreal unique.