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Jul 14, 2012 09:15 AM

Ice cream challenge summer: this week something with peaches

So it started with rhubarb sorbet - which I have already raved about. Then came the fresh mint ice cream with chocolate crackles that just totally knocked our socks off. And a couple of days ago it was an intense coffee ice cream with bittersweet chocolate and coffee bean crackles (maybe too heavy on the coffee beans - next time will make less crackly).

And now the peaches are in. So, needless to say, peaches are tomorrow's flavour du jour. Any socks-knocking-off recipes out there? Some little twist to make an already perfect concept even perfecter? Maple? Honey? Bourbon? (I am in possession of a quantity of my own personal honey and very local maple syrup. I can also get local raspberries and possibly wild black raspberries if I'm feeling energetic.) I also have both sweet and sour cherries (sour ones are frozen).

Also looking toward the future - anything else I need to attempt before ice cream season ends?

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  1. Will you share the coffee ice cream recipe?
    I would caramelize peach slices and add some praline pecans to a vanilla base.

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      I started this coffee ice cream recipe:

      BUT then I made some changes. First, instead of the whole coffee beans in the recipe, I used very coarsely ground beans to infuse with the cream. I figured it would extract more flavour and I think I was right. Second change was that I strained the coffee grounds out of the cream before making the custard. It just seemed weird to make a custard with coffee grounds in it. Next time I will do the infusing and straining in a French press coffeemaker - which would make the whole process much simpler - straining through a strainer was a bit clunky. Then I proceeded with the recipe as written. The only other difference was that I ended up adding almost a whole additional cup of cream in order to make up for the loss of liquid in the straining process. I wanted to start with about 3-1/2 cups of liquid before freezing.

      To make the chocolate-coffee crackles, I melted about 3 oz of bittersweet chocolate and stirred in some coarsely ground coffee. This I dolloped into the ice cream maker toward the end of the churning process. The mixture solidified into little uneven bits that distributed themselves throughout the ice cream. It was generally agreed to be murderously good.

      Am considering some kind of grilled peach with bourbon or honey.

    2. Can't endorse this recipe because I haven't tried it yet, but it's is on my to-do list for this summer. I think it will need tweaking to add a little more fat, and I'd puree the raspberries and strain out the seeds.


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        I agree I would purée and strain out the raspberry seeds but I would leave a little of the peaches chunky. Just my taste..

      2. I'm a huge fan of rich, creamy ice creams, but this peach gelato (really more of a sorbet) is just perfect when you have really great peaches. I've made it with strawberries and mangoes as well, but nothing beats the peach version.

        1. I made this peach frozen yogurt last week, substituting Greek yogurt for the flavored type that the recipe called for. I know you were asking for ice cream, but the tang of the Greek yogurt was so good with the fresh peaches!

          1. Roast your peaches first.

            Add a bit of star anise.

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              Roast the peaches? How hot / how long ?