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Grilling cookbook for a grilling novice

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We just bought our first grill, and my husband wants to get grilling. I'm definitely the cook in the house, but he wants to become the grill master. What cookbook(s) should I buy him as a jumping-off point? Things he would probably enjoy: how-tos, grilling primers, and basic recipes. Things he probably would not: recipes with super long ingredient lists and recipes with long/complicated instructions. He's looking for a book that will teach him how to marinate and grill a cut of meat/poultry/fish to perfection -- the basics. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

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  1. Weber's Big Book of Grilling by Jamie Purviance is really good for a novice. Another good one is How To Grill by Steven Raichlen.

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      why not check out cookbook of the month(COTM) on home cooking and recommend the book

    2. If he's a novice this may help him get started on the right foot.
      Best feature of all, it's free.

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        That's all good information, but if you are using a charcoal grill, skip the Kingsford briquettes and invest in a chimney starter and some hardwood lump charcoal.

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            No problem. The books I recommended are useful for gas or charcoal. They discuss both.