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Jul 14, 2012 08:42 AM


I had only been to Uzbekistan once and remember really liking it. I'm planning a return trip and wondering if anyone has been there recently and what dishes shouldn't be missed. I remember a pilaf and grilled lamb, but the specific dishes elude me. Thank you!

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  1. I have never visited Uzbekistan (the restaurant or the country .. .). I am quite familiar with Russian food, and there is a decided influence of it here. I would look for things like pickled mushrooms, whatever dumplings they have, and then of course the lamb.

    LeBan's review which is now 4 years old does a good job descrbing the dishes, so it may be of help. i doubt the menu will have changed substantially.

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      I had forgotten Craig's review. I remember how lively it was and everyone except us was speaking Russian. We felt very welcome and I remember the portions being outrageous and ordering way more than we should have!

    2. I was just there with friends for the first time last week, and we were delighted. We had (on the recommendation of a Russian friend who is a regular): Greek salad, Homemade Potatoes, Pilav (first one on the menu, with mixed meat), Samsa, Chicken soup, Veal Kebab, and the Cherry Vareniki for dessert. Everything was terrific, but the Greek Salad, PIlav, and Samsa were favorites. I want to try the Green Borscht next time, as that was also very highly recommended. The Homemade Potatoes were thin-sliced potatoes, deep-fried and served with a sprinkle of garlic and chives. Our party of three adults and one child ordered two plates, but would have been okay with two. Great place!

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        Thank you! Did you anything other than vodka to drink?

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          We ordered a pitcher of Plov, which was a refreshing fruit punch, heavy on the cherries. Since it was lunchtime, we didn't bring alcohol, but we all agreed that the Plov would have been even better spiked with vodka. Next time! They also made a terrific cappuccino for the end of the meal. We probably could have skipped the Cherry Vareniki as we were pretty full, but I wanted to see how their dumplings were. Next time I'll get one of the savory varieties. Lots of exciting possibilities on the menu - enjoy!

      2. Isn't that the restaurant Herman Cain kept talking about?

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          We had such a good time at Uzbekistan. This is a place to come with a group of people, because the portions are huge and you are going to want to order everything on the menu. My favorites were the chicken kabobs, manti, greek salad,pilav (with lamb and beef). Also, loved the tea service with dried pineapple. We also had potato pierogi's which were almost as good as the homemade ones our beloved house keeper used to make. Everyone seems to be speaking Russian and celebrating a special occassion. There are lots of toasts and kisses. Everyone is drinking shots of vodka (BYOB). You feel welcome and it feels good to be around so many people who are clearly enjoying themselves.

        2. Does anyone know if Uzbekistan does prix fixe menus for larger groups?

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            I would call them. We've been there twice and both times there are lots of large groups. What a great place to go with a group.

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              Have you been to Golden Gates? I haven't been to either but have been reading about them and talked to people to have been to GG. I'm planning an event with a large (12-15 people) and I like the idea of the wild party atmosphere at GG but it sounds like the food might be a lot better at Uzbekistan. Is it a fun place?

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                Its been quite a while since I have been to GG.. but it definitely reminded me of being in night clubs in Moscow in the early 90s. Both places can serve things family style. You are going to get a great range of food at Uzbekistan.

                I had decent chicken kiev, very good marinated mushrooms, and good piroshki (russian equivalent to pierogies that are a bit lighter than the polish version.. ). Often there is music/dj etc. And you definitely see people bringing in cases of vodka, plum wine etc...

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                  We went to Golden Gates years ago and it was really fun. I remember the food at GG as being very good (The "French Menu"). It was really loud at and everyone was dressed up. It very much seemed like a disco in Moscow. Uzbekistan is more casual. I loved the food and the joyful atmosphere. Lots of people giving toasts and laughter.