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Jul 14, 2012 07:59 AM

cheap produce kitsilano?

Hi all,

My partner and I just moved from Commercial Drive to Kitsilano and we are dismayed by the lack of affordable fruits and veggie options. We eat both organic and non-organic produce. Can anybody recommend a place to purchase inexpensive (decent quality) produce?


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  1. In a word, no. I mostly go to New Apple, with a few things from Persia Market. There is a slightly cheaper option a few blocks further west but since most of their produce goes off more quickly, I don't find the value is there. Sorry.

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      difficult to compete with the drive but here's another endorsement for New Apple and Persia Markets (on the 2800 block of w. broadway between macdonald and mckenzie), directly across the street from one another.

      Persia market has slightly better pricing on fruit & produce (usually 10 cents a lb cheaper or so) but New Apple Market is open later.


      i'm a firm believer that we vote every day when purchasing groceries. safeway may not be an institution you want to support - especially for someone coming from a community with such a strong support for local,independent businesses - but their organic selection has been steadily growing in the last few years, offered at fairly reasonable prices and i'm sure it's because of consumer demand.

      currently, july 2012, a 1 lb. clamshell of organic driscoll's strawberries from california are $3.50 at safeway (their everyday price) which beats out whole food's promotional price of $4.00 for the exact same product.

      surprising and worth mentioning even though i rarely cook seafood at home, safeway has recently edged out whole foods as the leading supermarket for sustainable seafood.
      fast co article:
      david suzuki foundation article:

      i'm not a safeway employee, and this was not meant to be an endorsement of the company. merely just pointing out that as consumers we hold the power to incite change from large corporations and demand better, healthier options for both ourselves and the environment.

      arg. sorry for the rant!

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        New Apple accepts cards -- lots of the little fruiterers don't take them and it is annoying as hell considering cash is trash and i'm die-hard debit card.

    2. where did you shop on Commercial? I go to Donald's on Hastings. It's fairly reasonable, but I often found better deals at Whole Foods. The quality/freshness is higher at Whole Foods as well.

      1. The new No Frills on W. 4th @ Pine, or also W. 4th @ Alma, are cheaply-priced and have *decent* produce (YMMV - your mileage may vary). They are part of the Loblaw Group, parent of Canadian Superstore and T&T.

        1. We've been shopping at New Apple for years - it's our usual stop for produce and other items like soy sauce, tofu, fish balls, rice, etc.

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            Note the New Apple on Broadway is actually cheaper than the one on 4th (across from Safeway).

            No Frills-in terms of veggies-is fairly dreadful and certainly no match price wise for any of the greengrocers.

            1. re: Sam Salmon

              True re: No Frills. But they beat Safeway any day, the worst for value and freshness (and variety) within the Big Grocers complex.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                The one produce item I buy fairly consistently at Safeway is corn on the cob starting approx this time of year. It's one of the few items they often have at a good price and good quality, at least at the Bway and McDonald one. Rare to find decent cotc at the green grocers mentioned...

                1. re: grayelf

                  Do you have a Kin's Farm on the west side ? They got good (I think) COTC, individual big 'uns in husk.

              2. re: Sam Salmon

                The No Frills on Denman has good and cheap avocados on a regular basis. Otherwise it is pretty bad for vegetables.