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Jul 14, 2012 06:39 AM

Where else to find good "Whole Winter Melon (Soup) with seafood"?

I tried the winter melon soup at Emperor last week ($68 for medium size) and liked it very much. I'm craving to try more, where else offers good winter melon soup in GTA (esp. in Richmond Hill/Markham)? Many thanks!

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  1. Maple Yip, Yang's and Spring Villa. Play safe! Call ahead to order in advance!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Dragon dynasty has a cheap set dinner which comes with peking duck and melon soup for six to eight ppl. But u have to order in advance. Not on regular menu.
      Food is good. And efficient service.

    2. Regal 16 on 16th and Spadina Road in Richmond Hill. You need to call in advance to reserve.

      1. Thanks everyone! BTW, the winter melon soup at Emperor is not on the regular as well. You have to call in advance to order. When we were there last week, they happened to cook 1 or 2 more. They asked us whether we want it. We grabbed it. ;-)