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Jul 14, 2012 04:45 AM

Columbus -- recent finds

Anybody got any decent finds that might not be chowish enough to earn their own thread, but are pretty decent?

I've been to Buckeye Pho a few times. While not the best Vietnamese food I have ever had, it is pretty good. Warning -- this place is not very big and always crowded, so you may want to go at off-peak times.

I went to Sun Tong Luck one night when I made the unfortunate discovery that taste of Bali had closed. I have been back several times. Sun Tong Luck tries to make healthier Chinese food with better quality ingredients. It is more of a take out place, but there are tables for dining in.

We stumbled upon the Marcy Diner after hiking out at Slate Run Metro Park and really liked it. Lots of fried things on the menu.

I had a good lunch at deNovo Bistro downtown. Haven't been there for dinner yet.

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  1. I just can't talk enough about Harvest Pizzeria after getting a recommendation on here. Every time I'm in the Columbus area, I go out of my way to make a trip there. Service is a little hit-or miss since the place is miniscule but the food makes it worth it. Absolutely delicious pizza and arugula salad!

    Edit: It appears the arugula salad is no longer on their menu.

    1. I will admit I like Mi Li cafe better for Banh Mi's and Pho House for pho noodles (duck soup is great as well). But when I'm lazy I go to Buckey Pho since it's close to my place.

      I keep hearing great things about Merlion. Anyone been there? I will have to check Sun Tong Luck. I just had Chinese so much growing up, I've been burned out for years.

      Anyone try Panini Opa yet? I was really surprised by Greek St that it's now my go to for nice Greek.