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Jul 14, 2012 04:45 AM

Columbus -- recent finds

Anybody got any decent finds that might not be chowish enough to earn their own thread, but are pretty decent?

I've been to Buckeye Pho http://buckeyepho.com/ a few times. While not the best Vietnamese food I have ever had, it is pretty good. Warning -- this place is not very big and always crowded, so you may want to go at off-peak times.

I went to Sun Tong Luck http://www.suntongluck.com/ one night when I made the unfortunate discovery that taste of Bali had closed. I have been back several times. Sun Tong Luck tries to make healthier Chinese food with better quality ingredients. It is more of a take out place, but there are tables for dining in.

We stumbled upon the Marcy Diner http://marcydiner.com/ after hiking out at Slate Run Metro Park and really liked it. Lots of fried things on the menu.

I had a good lunch at deNovo Bistro http://www.denovobistro.com/ downtown. Haven't been there for dinner yet.

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  1. I just can't talk enough about Harvest Pizzeria after getting a recommendation on here. Every time I'm in the Columbus area, I go out of my way to make a trip there. Service is a little hit-or miss since the place is miniscule but the food makes it worth it. Absolutely delicious pizza and arugula salad! http://harvestpizzeria.com/

    Edit: It appears the arugula salad is no longer on their menu.

    1. I will admit I like Mi Li cafe better for Banh Mi's and Pho House for pho noodles (duck soup is great as well). But when I'm lazy I go to Buckey Pho since it's close to my place.

      I keep hearing great things about Merlion. Anyone been there? I will have to check Sun Tong Luck. I just had Chinese so much growing up, I've been burned out for years.

      Anyone try Panini Opa yet? I was really surprised by Greek St that it's now my go to for nice Greek.