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Jul 14, 2012 04:39 AM

Pitti Gola e Cantina Wine Tasting Dinner - Florence

Wondering if anyone here has had any recent experience with Pitti Gola e Cantina's wine tasting dinner? We only have 2 nights in Florence and there are so many wonderful places to eat and drink, want to ensure we are sampling the best.

I have read some great reviews on the wine tasting dinner at Pitti Gola e Cantina and have made a booking. The cost is E65 per person and, from what I've read, you taste anywhere from 14 - 17 wines, accompanied by a wide range of food items.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I was hoping that someone would respond to your question since we are also hoping to try their wine tasting dinner. We loved going there just for wine the last time we were in Florence.

    I've tried emailing them asking what nights they have the dinners and how to reserve, but I haven't had a response. Did you have to call them?


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      Modeen - Hopefully with your bump, someone might respond.

      I emailed Pitti Gola directly requesting a dinner/tasting on a specific date and they confirmed availability. It did take a few days to receive a response.

      The reviews I've found (on Trip Advisor) are glowing raves. But I would prefer a ChowHound recommendation to reaffirm what I've read. It's a little pricey (E65 per person) but if it lives up to the rave reviews, it will be well worth it.

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        Well, I still haven't heard from them after writing multiple times - and even using different email accounts. I guess I'll have to call them. Cookbug, when are you going to be there? Will you report back and review your dinner there?


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          I believe they are closed most of August.

          Yes, will definitely report back on all our food experiences.

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            I made a reservation via email last week. I have heard great things, too, but if you hear anything else specifically, please post! I believe they are open every day. That's what they emailed me anyway... they automatically said they wanted to book my Wine Tasting Dinner at 7:30 p.m. and that it takes 3 hours.

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              Our reservation is for 20:00 for a Thursday evening.

              I'm still not 100% sure as there are no other reviews except for Trip Advisor. No one on ChowHound has chimed in at all. It's a lot of euro to spend in one place when there are so many places in Florence that I would like to try.

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                Cookbug- what did you decide to do?? Curious because I am in the same predicament! Thanks :)

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                  We did not end up doing the wine tasting dinner. We did stop by for an aperitivo. Quite a nice spot with a lovely little patio facing the Pitti Palace.

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                    Did u have any if the food there? Go anywhere really great while in Florence? Thanks!

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                      We have reservations for the wine tasting in late October. We're really looking forward to it, and I hope it's great! I'll let you know.

                      1. re: Modeen

                        @ Modeen...I'm going this coming Sunday night, so I'll let you know how it is first! :) I come back from my trip on the 21st and plan on writing a report of all of the delicious food/drinks I have in Italy! :)

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                          Just to chime in here, I actually called them via Skype this past Friday (around 5PM Florence time), and they answered the phone no problem. Spoke perfect English, and when I requested a 9pm reservation, they told me because of the length of dinner, could I come at 8:30 which we're now doing. He asked me what types of wines we liked and to me, that was awesome. I'll follow this thread to see if any CH's review it, but from what I hear, it's quite incredible. I'll be there next week and report in.

                          1. re: sockster

                            not surprised re the english - judging by the languages in which this business is discussed in online, it seems like its directed at the english speaking crowd. hope you all have a great time and report.

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                              Went to the Wine Tasting Dinner which was led by Zeno a few nights ago. It was amazing! My husband and I were completely charmed by Zeno. The whole night was a wonderful learning experience for us Highly recommend!

      2. I did the wine tasting dinner last week. I enjoyed it, both the food and wine were good but as to whether you would be sampling the "best", it's difficult to say. It is quite informal, the wine is very nice, all from small producers and the food is freshly prepared. The food portions are not huge as it's all about the wine but you shouldn't leave feeling hungry. I thought it was good value. It would be a fun thing to do in a group, there was just my wife and I and we had a very pleasant evening.

        I also went to Ora d'Aria where the food was great but the service was rushed and I went to Cibreo's restaurant which was all round superb.

        1. My husband and I went to the wine tasting last night, and we had a wonderful evening. Emanuale walked us through a variety of wines and really made it interesting and fun for us. The food is served in small amounts but there were many courses, and I felt the quality was excellent. We had some of the best ravioli there that we've ever had. And we left very full and very satisfied with the event. I agree with the comment that it probably would be most fun to do with a group of people, but we definitely think it's worth doing.

          I took several photos and I'll try posting those when we get home.

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            Does the 65 Euro include wine? What types of foods did you eat Modeen? Would love to hear more. I'm there near christmas and they are closed on the 25th, but trying to go for dinner maybe on the 26th. Do you think ordering off the regular menu is a better option?

            1. re: cindor83

              Hi cindor83. Yes, the 65E per person includes the wine. I'm going to try to upload some pictures that I took of the food. I tried to take a picture or each course, but I think I missed one or two. I know we started with cheese with honeys and jams, then bruschetta, leek soup, ravioli, salad with cheese, some kind of pate with honey, and then flourless chocolate cake. I'm sure these items vary each night, but we were really pleased with the quality of food. Since we were there for several hours, we left full but not overly stuffed. I can't compare the meal we had with ordering off the regular menu because we've only tried this dinner. We have been there for just wine and snacks but this was our first dinner there.

              I'm not a wine expert, but I think we had some very interesting wines and we had a great time trying them all. I would recommend it highly.