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Jul 13, 2012 10:37 PM

Viking Gas Range/Oven question?

Hi, We have just installed a new Viking gas range/oven and have observed that once the oven gets up to temperature the oven burner shuts down and then reignites approx 1 minute later (I assume to maintain the temperature).. This results in you hearing the automatic igniter clicking every minute or so.

Can any current/past Viking owners please advise if this is consistent with their experiences as I find it fairly annoying?

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  1. All gas ovens do this. It's how a Thermostat works.

    This should probably be in Cookware.

    1. Having installed many Viking units as a licensed plumber here in NYC...from the symptoms noted , what you are experiencing is called "short cycling". Oven burners are designed to turn on and off to maintain the desired temperature. Therefore as the oven heats , the burner shuts down, then when it cools it must start up again and get up to desired temperature. We call this a normal cycle. I would suggest to have a Viking , factory authorized representative send a trained service tech to adjust the cycle period correctly to the designed cycle differential. Keep in mind , that present operation is not normal, and will wear out prematurely the oven's gas burner regulating components. The adjustment should be free of charge.