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What is a sister to do? Rehearsal Dinner Baltimore MD near the Rennaisance Hotel Inner Harbor

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My brother is getting married this September in Baltimore, MD. He is hosting the Rehearsal Dinner. That means I am planning it since he is in Houston, TX and I am closer in No. VA. I have eaten in Baltimore 4-5 times but I am not familair enough to find a place for the dinner. I need a venue where I can do a seated dinner for 20 people with a seperate dining area or room for about $45.00 or less per head. ( This is all I can afford). Chowhound friends any suggestions?

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  1. I can't remember the cost, but we had ours at Red Star in Fells Point in 07/09. They have an upstairs room and the food was great. There is also a ton of free parking directly across the street (there has been some construction over there recently, so you would want to confirm that the parking is still there). http://www.redstarbar.us/

    1. Cinghiale has a couple of private rooms that might fit your bill. They have a 3 course tasting menu that comes in at $29 per person (see the right hand side of the menu at http://www.cgeno.com/uploads/file/Men...). They were very accommodating for a business dinner I had there in the past, so they may be able to work with you on a more customized menu.

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        Jennyjo, is your $45/person BEFORE taxes, tip and drinks? I agree that Cinghiale is a good suggestion, but I doubt it will be < $45 after the other costs are factored in.

      2. I have had good experiences at La Scala in Little Italy
        A liitle less formal would br Hull St. Blues in Locust Point area

        1. jennyjo--you may want to scout out Tabrizi's. The location is lovely and the restaurant specializes in weddings and receptions, etc. I just am not confident that it will be within your price range. But, it would be worth investigating. Your event could be held outdoors over looking a segment of Baltimore's Inner Harbor--and September is a beautiful time of year for dining outdoors. FoiGras

          1. I am looking at $45.00 before taxes. I have looked at the menus and will start making calls. These places look great.