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Jul 13, 2012 08:46 PM

What is a sister to do? Rehearsal Dinner Baltimore MD near the Rennaisance Hotel Inner Harbor

My brother is getting married this September in Baltimore, MD. He is hosting the Rehearsal Dinner. That means I am planning it since he is in Houston, TX and I am closer in No. VA. I have eaten in Baltimore 4-5 times but I am not familair enough to find a place for the dinner. I need a venue where I can do a seated dinner for 20 people with a seperate dining area or room for about $45.00 or less per head. ( This is all I can afford). Chowhound friends any suggestions?

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  1. I can't remember the cost, but we had ours at Red Star in Fells Point in 07/09. They have an upstairs room and the food was great. There is also a ton of free parking directly across the street (there has been some construction over there recently, so you would want to confirm that the parking is still there).

    1. Cinghiale has a couple of private rooms that might fit your bill. They have a 3 course tasting menu that comes in at $29 per person (see the right hand side of the menu at They were very accommodating for a business dinner I had there in the past, so they may be able to work with you on a more customized menu.

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        Jennyjo, is your $45/person BEFORE taxes, tip and drinks? I agree that Cinghiale is a good suggestion, but I doubt it will be < $45 after the other costs are factored in.

      2. I have had good experiences at La Scala in Little Italy
        A liitle less formal would br Hull St. Blues in Locust Point area

        1. jennyjo--you may want to scout out Tabrizi's. The location is lovely and the restaurant specializes in weddings and receptions, etc. I just am not confident that it will be within your price range. But, it would be worth investigating. Your event could be held outdoors over looking a segment of Baltimore's Inner Harbor--and September is a beautiful time of year for dining outdoors. FoiGras

          1. I am looking at $45.00 before taxes. I have looked at the menus and will start making calls. These places look great.