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Jul 13, 2012 08:17 PM

Melting Pot. Good or Bad?

Besides the amount of calories that will be consumed from start to finish, an obvious con to dining at The Melting Pot, how would you rate the food? My girlfiends have chosen that as the next girls night out dinner. Should I be concerned?

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      1. It's one of my kids' favorite restaurants because it's fun. But foodwise, it's middling and not really worth the price, IMO. However, if the company is more important than the food, it's at least a more interactive experience than other dining options, kind of like Korean BBQ.

        1. I've been to one once...I would say that the chocolate fondue is fun and yummy, but the savory options are not so good. It's not cheap and the protein is not very high quality. Maybe you can talk them into eating somewhere else beforehand, and getting dessert there?

          1. Expensive...and I just feel it's so easy to make really good fondue at home so I try to avoid it. Try to get them to go at happy hour when they have 1/2 price fondue and salads. Wine list is also over priced.