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Jul 13, 2012 07:57 PM

Westwood Italian

Want a not too fancy or upscale but solid quality Italian meal for visiting in laws. Between Sprazzo, Bruschetta and Campagnola. Which to choose? Also thought about Piccolo Paradiso in BH and il Moro.

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  1. I love Angelini's and it's the best Italian in the city in my opinion. It doesn't have that pretentious vibe a lot of places in BH have and it's a fantastic place to go if you want to impress the in-laws. Everyone I take there loves it, and you CAN eat there on a budget. I've gone there and gotten away with $50 for two, and have gone and left having spent $200 for two. It all depends on how much you want to eat (and drink!)

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      I agee with everything, but the OP is looking for Westwood.

      Bruschetta is very solid. I've never been to the others. (should I?)

    2. Piccolo Paradiso is wonderful in BH. Also consider Tanino in Westwood. Similar menus and both restaurants are Drago restaurants. The Drago brothers are excellent chefs.

      1. Il Moro is really good. Excellent fish, salads and pasta. Sit on the patio. Il Pastino in BH is another good pick.

        1. I like Sprazzo and La Bruschetta. Sprazzo is more casual and more of a neighborhood Italian restaurant. The gnocchi are always very good. La Bruschetta is a little more fancy and more expensive, but I've always had good meals there. I think it is often overlooked here, because it is not spectacular and has been around for so long. La Bruschetta also is on, so you can usually by a discount coupon there.

          1. If you are talking Westwood the general area, all of these qualify (Il Moro less than the others). If you mean Westwood Village, adjacent to UCLA, you mean Tanino. They have valet, so parking (the main detriment to Westwood Village) is no concern. They are in a beautiful, historic building, the former Alice's Restaurant, which succeeded for decades. It is a great neighborhood for walking around -- an old bank building, formerly Eurochow and now Yamato is on the bottom of the block, where Westwood Blvd. intersects Broxton -- a wonderful building with a dome and staircases inside against the walls, well worth checking out for a drink though not a meal. Up Broxton a block over from Westwood are the Village and Bruin theatres, where movies premier in Westwood and among the few remaining single-movie, big palaces. For "Westwood" Italian, Tanino is where I'd take them.

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              Since the OP specifically mentioned three restaurants south of Wilshire, I assume he or she is not limiting the request to Westwood Village