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Jul 13, 2012 05:27 PM

Fried Chicken South of San Francisco

I am looking for great Fried Chicken within San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Style or type of restaurant is not an issue. Any recommendations?

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  1. I just came to Chowhound to ask the same question! What's in the area and better than the KFC?

    1. Try Max's Fried Chicken in South San Francisco. It's Filipino style and fried plain without the heavy batter. When I'm in a purist mood, I go for this type of fried chicken.

      1. The best fried chicken I've had in the South Bay was at Sumika in Los Altos -> it was on the lunch menu - not sure if it's served for dinner. Sumika has a number of other Japanese dishes. I was taken there by a Japanese ex-pat - he thinks it is quite authentic.

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          I would go to Jolibee at Tanforan Mall. One of the best I think.

        2. There's also Bon Chon in Sunnyvale (Korean fried chicken).

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            Second Bon Chon.

            Also, for Sichuan style fried chicken (very spicy and addictive), try the Manchurian Chicken with bones from Da Sichuan.

          2. I had the fried chicken at Creola in San Carlos a few months ago. It was "pretty good". Not the best ever, but it had good flavor and a nice crust. They don't always have it on the menu, so call first. It's the only good non-fast food (i.e., Popeye's) fried chicken that I've had on the Peninsula since Lil Biscuit House went out of business.

            I've also heard that Town in San Carlos has good fried chicken at Sunday brunch. But I haven't tried it myself. (The waitress told me you have to get there early because they often run out.)