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Jul 13, 2012 04:12 PM

Pann's 2/3 lb Patty Melt,,,,

It's damn good, it took my another try to truly figure that out.

Bloody cow juices dripping all over your hand, double slices of melted american, and cooked onions (they are not caramelized, maybe slightly browned. Anyhow, this thing is beyond fucking juicy... it seems to be real ground chuck in the style of years gones by, hence pann's starting out in '58.

anyhow, it is good and filling, i have to get a healthy veggie rather than fries or onion rings to go with it, so i don't suffer from heart pains,

so yeah, it's good, maybe even great (the best i've had in recent years is hamburger hamlet, but it's been a few years now so i don't know if it's nearly as good).

ok, you guys were right it is good, or maybe i was just really really really hungry today.

maybe a third try is now in store ???

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  1. "maybe a third try is now in store ???"

    I've had a dozen tries...and I'm still not satisfied. So good luck with a third and done strategy. lol

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    1. Had one again the other day....I crave it. Last time, actually all the times, the onions were caramelized...a dark caramelization. This time they were 'slightly browned' like you said. New cook?
      Next time I'm going to request the latter.
      It's that good, Kevin :). Glad you tried it again.

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      1. re: latindancer

        Oh, you mean ask for it carmelized ???

        Then I'll do that too, if I can put in a request. Though even without, it is still plenty good.

        1. re: kevin

          No, actually, I've never asked them to do anything with the onions....they've always come caramelized until this last time so I'm wondering if each cook may do them a little differently.
          Like you say, though, plenty good.

      2. This post will haunt me all week... I pass Panns everytime I go the gym... horribly coincidence? I think not... ;)


        1. i'm curious: if the patty melt here is so good, how come no one ever talks about the burgers?

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          1. re: linus

            i think because it's the combo of the grilled or griddled onions that sweats the meat and makes it even juicier combo with the two slices of american cheese and then served up on grilled rye bread. plus the fat that the burger for the patty melt is 2/3 pound so it's a thicker patty than the standard burgers which are all 1/3 pounder, so you get a juicier burger to high heaven as servorg would call it i think.

            anyhow, it is a combo of all the elements, but i'd guess that the burgers would in fact be pretty darn good too.


            1. re: linus

              I like their burgers, especially their turkey burgers, but there is something special about a REAL diner patty melt. That proper gridding that just makes the rye come to life and the ratio of cheese on the meat. The folks at Panns have that touch...