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Jul 13, 2012 03:58 PM

at the risk of sounding disloyal?? another food website??

Not gonna lie and say I ONLY come here to check out posts. Ran into a problem today that I BET somebody here can help me out with. I like to go to the "good eats" site and have been going there for years. Today, couldn't post... told to sign in. When I tried... no success, even though first letter of user name and password popped up whole thing? They had a "test"... to prevent robo-registrations, I think... no luck. Even tried to re-register... no dice. In the FAQs... says to contact owner?? No place to click? Has anyone else experienced this today?

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  1. It's your web filter - Alton Browns an idiot and your filter won't let SPAM thru....LOL!

    1. Which "good eats" site are you talking about? There is a good eats section on the foodnetwork site, the alton brown site, the good eats fan page and the good eats fan board and others.

      1. You may notice that at the botton of all pages on this web site, there is a contact link. You might want to take a close look at the main page of the other web site you are trying to log on to and look for similar contact information for that specific site.