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Jul 13, 2012 02:49 PM

Kindle cook books

Like them or not? Just bought a Kindle. I like to look through cook books but rarely use them when I'm cooking. It is my understanding that I could transfer the books from the Kindle to my computer which might be handy. The cook book shelf is filled to capacity...

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  1. maybe for computer, the kindle itself is not a good platform for cookbooks because of navigation. I like real cookbooks supplemented heavily by online sources.

    1. Love my Kindle for reading books but I can't imagine spending money to get a cookbook on it. The screen is too small to show all of the recipe at once. I've used my iPhone to make recipes that I"ve found online before and it's okay but annoying. I get them for free on the internet so I make do. I think I'd be pretty pissed, though, if I had to deal with that kind of small space issue (and no pictures!!!!) with a cookbook that I actually spent money for.

      1. I think for cookbooks the way to go is to download the FREE apps for Kindle and NOOK to your computer. They'd like to sell you a reader, but they REALLY want to sell you books. The look of the books on your computer is better than the readers.

        1. I enjoy my kindle for recipe apps - epicurious, etc. but have found it's not great for cook books. I do enjoy magazines on there too.

          1. A friend has a Kindle, and he tells me that he has to choose whether to download a Kindle book to his Kindle or his computer - doesn't allow both for the single price. Not sure if he's got that right - don't have a Kindle myself.

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              That isn't true, the default is six devices. The publisher can choose less though, but it's shown on listing for the book before you purchase.

              From the Amazon website

              Most books and other non-subscription items you purchase from the Kindle store may be simultaneously accessed for your personal use on up to six Kindles (or Kindle compatible devices, such as Kindle for iPhone) registered to your account. If the limit is less than six kindles for a specific title, you'll see the message "Simultaneous Device usage: Up to X simultaneous devices, per publisher limits" on the detail page.