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Jul 13, 2012 01:28 PM

Comeback Cafe - Vietnamese / deli - Emeryville

Tried this place because it's near my work and I was craving a banh mi. At $6, a bit expensive by local standards, but tasty. I got pork, they had only a couple of other choices, tofu and maybe chicken?

If I were driving I'd go to Ba Le, maddeningly delicious, big selection, half the price, but Comeback Cafe's is fine for the neighborhood. I don't think the Vietnamese place in the Public Market a block away has banh mi?

Comeback also has pho, bun, and a few other Vietnamese items, plus American deli lunch and breakfast items. Closes at 3:30.

6009 Christie near 59th.

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  1. Interesting! How was the bread? I'm a stickler for requiring good, crispy bread for my banh mi. I'm a bit spoiled when it comes to banh mi since I grew up in San Jose. (My mother tells me to never buy banh mi over $4, naturally.)

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    1. re: breadwinner

      Seemed like a quality baguette, could have been toasted a bit more. Didn't seem like the ligher Vietnamese rice-flour version.

    2. I checked Yelp and am assuming your #1 is Banh Mi Ba Le on International Blvd., right? Not the Ba Le in Chinatown which rates pretty low in comparison.

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      1. re: jaiko

        Ba Le on International or El Cerrito. The selection at the latter is smaller but the quality seems to be the same.

        I'm not sure if the Ba Le on Franklin has any connection with the other two.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          No, the Ba Le on Franklin St. in Oakland's Chinatown is no relation to the two Banh Mi Ba Le locations.